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  1. You'd be better than the set of bums we have now tbh (minus dibs and kiz)
  2. could only have 20 or I'm a noob or both either way srry
  3. 1 like =1staff gae stop the @Kizhaz bullying 2019 flattered <3
  4. Trying to see who is the least and most liked staff in game.
  5. And do you really believe it would stay as niche if their was a consistent place to play the tier in place?
  6. Lenny face has given us so many laughs and killed so many brain cells throughout the years. Lenny is a lot like marmite you either love him or hate him; but should an opinion on preference really be enough to take a marveled icon out of our lives. If you bring lenny back studies show game morale will go up 3000% and donor sales will maximise ten fold making the devs a lot of money, and bringing them more grills than George foreman can count. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) make lenny great again thank you
  7. Top kek isn't there a basic age for this game and speech filters?? Maybe you should open your eyes to the real world son, if you can't laugh in the face of adversity prepare for life to bring it upon you. I call you some names you call me some names and we all have a laugh and get over it. Nobody retaliates unnecessarily that's how things escalate to war, people giving in to their ego and begin thinking their insufficient life actually matters. You're literally a being on a blue rock floating around a big ball of fire in infinite space, you my friend are in denial of how funny everything is i
  8. I sense a superiority complex; the desire to be right will cause you to fall short more often than not. Oppression should be opposed as ironic as that statement is, it's something someone with an innate desire to control the world around them can't understand. Racism exists hate to break it to ya it's outside of resources probably the second reason war happens, behind a keyboard thousands of miles away from other people, you aren't exactly at a considerable amount of threat from a low I.Q individual. Why would someone go to North Korea and shit talk kim jong lol I'm on a pokemmo with rational
  9. Please don't label that disgrace of a country with anything closely related to a virtue, ty.
  10. azertyuiopqsdfghjklmwxcvbn

  11. Marowak 250k quick sell 350 if u wanna wait a while ( a week -2 weeks) Alakazam 1m-1.3m usually check on the higher prices just to see where the market is at as you don't wanna be waiting forever and waste listing fee
  12. In my eyes if they can take peoples money they should hire staff to at least fix their dogshite game just my view
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