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  1. I remember that the word "drug" can also be used to say "addicted" and we know well that we can be addicted also to very common things like food or (as my colleague said a few posts above) coffee. All this talk is to explain how the term "drug" is too broad and subjective (in some countries some drugs are legal, so they are not actually drugs). I believe it is appropriate to review and, in the best case, eliminate that too ambiguous "drug" clause. I understand that when rules are created, everything and everyone cannot be taken into account so the staff is not at fault. I believe, in addition, that the democracy where we all live is based on the concept of doing things according to an increasingly just criterion for all (and not just for a few), not to do so would be tantamount to tyranny. peace.
  2. this mod is really beautiful! manages to give a touch of novelty even to the now obsolete kanto, thanks :) . I ask you to view some bugs that appear randomly crashing the game, please. In addition I ask you if it is possible, in the future, to also incorporate the music of Omega ruby / Alpha Shappire, thanks again!
  3. Needless to worry about kanto now. we await the future update of johto because it will also include kanto. (although I believe it will be implemented in 2021-2023). But your worries about hoenn sprites are right, the proposal is good but there is a problem: better not to load the developers who are currently immersed in the development of platinum. All this becomes possible if the developers one day want to make us participants in the development of the game in all its forms (sprite, map and script)
  4. 365/5000 if one day you decide to switch to 3d then every other previous region must be transformed into 3d. I see this as difficult, it would be easier (euphism) to transform into 2d Kalos and 6+ regions. now ... besides being a hard job, I don't know if it's legal ... but honestly I would exclude that the future of Pokemmo ends with sinnoh / jhoto.
  5. druido890

    Johto Maps ?

    I take this opportunity to turn this post into a real post of suggestion. Jhoto, dungeon or other ... the really necessary thing is a topic where the staff makes us updated on the work they have done and the ETA of these. a topic structured this way: PokeMMO 2019 - Dungeon (40%) = next two months - Jhoto (10%) = next year - Fix various Bugs (80%) = end of this month - etc and then from time to time it would be enough just to update. of course this is just an example.
  6. my proposal is simple: currently the pension woman will only tell you how many levels the pokemon has done. -"your pokemon has done X levels" I ask if it is possible to introduce a dialogue where the woman of the pension also tells you the current level of the pokemon. -"your pokemon has done X levels, now the level is Y" I know it's not an innovative proposal but it can be a small change to improve the quality of life of the server.
  7. a really interesting proposal. For some time now the secret bases have been forgotten (especially since the release of unova). it's time to bring back these beautiful features with the possibility of a PC inside. this would give way to many positive things like tournaments. honestly, I do not think it would affect the market in any way the berries and shiny ones. those who are lazy use the berries, and if you are lazy you also use them for not doing 5 meters. but even if you know what I tell you? cultivate other things! in the case of the shiny it would not change the same, but even if it were better this way, the shiny ones would be more accessible to everyone. I approved!
  8. take this opportunity to talk about the standard t-shirts and standard jeans (change color to them) I know that giving the opportunity to change / buy these things would weigh on the economic budget of PokeMMO then put these things also as vanity obtainable with donator point. we are happy anyway. however, I am in favor of this idea!
  9. it's absolutely not a troll! I am honest and I only write my thoughts. apart from sinnoh that I think is in programming ... how could you do with Johto that contains Kanto inside? should you delete firered and leafgreen kanto? but doing so: where would the new players start? (kanto start) have you thought about this big logistic problem? before accusing think well. we are in "suggestion Box" section, then better suggest! suggest an effective way to enter johto knowing that soulsilver / heartgold have an alternative kanto. Well I start with the suggestion: there could be a time machine (we have in 1island) that takes us to the Johto / kanto region of Soulsilver / Heartgold this is a constructive comment, but yours not. peace.
  10. sinnoh will be implemented in future, i think... but johto is difficult because johto also contains kanto inside it anyway we hope in future we can see Johto on PokeMMO
  11. it's a beneficial thing +1
  12. I do not think the pokemmo staff forgot about the Christmas event. we must have only a little patience
  13. I would also like this thing but I admit it would not be a priority
  14. we would also like to know if there will be a Christmas event
  15. have we forgotten about him?
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