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  1. an idea already proposed a long time ago, even several times. But a good idea as always. I add: one could consider the villa in the resort area
  2. when (and if) they will add the 6th generation
  3. no, because some pokemon have a set of moves (or personal moves) that are unbalanced for various reasons. In addition, adding new pokemon unbalances the whole category, this means new pokemon dispositions. IT IS NOT A GOOD IDEA but .... if you really want to implement it you can add a category (maybe unofficial / for fun) called, for example: "All-In" and do as you say. which however is the same one that uses pokemon showdown to manage the first generation pokemon
  4. I don't understand one thing: Do you think that just insert the various roms to have a game? don't you think you should code the whole rom to make it able to communicate with the pokemmo client? Don't you think, moreover, that now the pokemmo client has a language capable of communicating with pokemon games up to the 5th generation and that, to implement future ones, DEV will have to do a huge script work on the client? Apart from this: How will you reconcile the difference in style and graphics? Already now the difference is noticeable and it is not nice to
  5. where i can find the movetutor of WATER PLEDGE?
  6. @soyhector In fact I just wanted to make you understand that it will be done in the future (maybe not jhoto) and if they implement new pvp it's okay, if they don't it doesn't matter, it's only good that you know it. Of course we may not agree, we are in democracy, in fact I respect your opinion but the fact is that we can think it anyway other regions will be implemented and by obvious choice the next one will be jhoto so I feel sorry for you, moreover pokemmo, just as a pokemon evolves: P peace here we are not only talking about content, dungeo
  7. @soyhector im sorry about you but this is a MMO game and PVP isn't the only feature. You will understand that, being an mmo, it has many feature such as story, collecting and shiny collecting, simple social stuff, PVE and more... But... if you looking for only PVP i can suggest Pokemon Showdown, it's better for PVP! ;)
  8. when will they implement the pants, sleeveless top, long sleeve top and t-shirt purchasable? (with the choice of color) and again: when can we buy shoes and boots? (always being able to choose the color maybe)
  9. considering that kanto of hg / ss has only 2 endgame features (not considering the tour of the gyms) and these are: Pal Park, Battleground (which we can already find within the 5th generation) we can say with certainty that the kanto of hg / ss is almost useless for the game, endgame. we can, as already said by someone in this post, block the kanto of hg / ss and allow the entry to mt silver with the obtaining of the 8 medals of johto. (as the johto league is shared with the kanto league) Now there is only one question left to ask: Do we want to continue traveling bet
  10. Hello to all the suggestion that I would like to give to the staff is very simple but also stimulating for the pokeMMO pvp / end game, which would give a breath of fresh air to the old gameplay. to start off let's say that the game (platinum) already has a particular function that is linked to the Sinnoh underground, that is the flag stealer. as we can see here in the photo: ((scroll down)) my tips are 3 only: - make pvp mandatory in the underground (or maybe only in some areas) - put some pokemon from which you can't escape (better if of high lvl with a good moveset) -make the flag-stealin
  11. it does not work does not display the mod in the "mod management" in the start screen (where you put nickname and password)
  12. I'm sorry for you but this is not the modus operandi( way of doing) of the pokemmo dev. We have already seen several times that at some point in the development of an entire region, work was stopped to move to a new region. which is not completely negative as some ppl only care about the new content of the new region (and therefore also the new pokemon and the new features of that region) therefore to give longevity to this game (PokeMMO) you have to do as the dev do, that is a balance between implementations of new things and finish contents of old regions. peace
  13. we can say with certainty that we have reached a critical point in the development of the game: Now developers need to figure out how to overcome the obstacle of 6th generation graphics (and in the future of 7th and 8th) I'm curious to see what they will invent to avoid the ugliness of the various riegioni with different graphics
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