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  1. Any word on your ban yet?

  2. Intor

    Obtaining Hidden Abilities

    I almost do not write anything in this forum my user is only for the basics but this time I have something to say. I have around 120 5x31 perfects comps, including 6x31 mixed and without mentioning the 2x31 3x27 + or those that are raised based on dittos and I think this is a slap in the face to the breeders that we have been breeding for a long time in this way we would have to return to raise everything again, without mentioning the time, and the yens that we would spend on that, also in getting back the breeders I prefer to spend Reward Points to implement pills that give the HA to throw almost 4 years of tedious upbringing and a lot of fatigue I think which better implement those pills and can be exchanged either by BP or RP is my humble opinion. I mean, I also study and I do not have much time for the breed and I know what happens to many of my former colleagues as Nikhil R mentioned. Many people have been here so long that doing that would be throwing away so many years of trajectory in the upbringing and in the competitive thing, that they say to me of the pokemones Shiny gift perhaps also they will become to breed ?, that will happen with them I do not speak by my I speak by the people who have many an example is Frags, doublej, enchanteur, xsparkie , nikhilr among others should think well about what satisfies the customer and the proposal of pills based on RP or BP I think it would be the best option and we won the 2 parts.
  3. Intor


    thank you guys T_T ily and i miss you
  4. hey bro when u can battle vs me?

  5. urge que te conectesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  6. Can you contact CarlosCls for me? I'm arranged to battle him he doesn't seem to be on forums.

    1. Intor


      yeha why not i contact for you np


  7. Formation Team Mexico:


    OU: CarlosCls

    UU: isperea

    NU: Intor

  8. Hello, I have a doubt we are 10 Mexicans therefore how many teams of mexico will be and when members will have each team?

    1. OrangeManiac


      Either three teams of 4, 3 and 3 members or two teams of 5 members. Depends which one the Mexicans want more.

    2. Intor


      okay is good thanks bro


  9. mandame whisper cuando leas esto

  10. hey bro i dont see me in team Mexico?

    1. OrangeManiac


      If you have signed up and I didnt put you to Team Mexico, then sorry I'll add you when I get to my computer

    2. Intor


      okay it's fine thanks bro



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