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  1. Dahhh bearminator banned me again that’s why i can’t writed xd,who is playing hey?
  2. Hi guys 4 years out and I think I already paid my sentence
  3. It is not bad im talking well, i hope the staff don’t delete my topic.
  4. Hello. I know that you don’t want to speak to me maybe (the most probably) the point its that i can’t explain my bann appeal bc i didnt speak and write very Well and i didnt use translate, so if u checked my history changed (i don’t know how do you say it) i never traded pokes to kuervin without received something i always received vanity items or items with RP because if so, I promise, no, I swear that I myself accept that I am a garbage, however I ask you to check my case again please I ask you to think for a moment this guy is maybe innocent and I am wrongly blaming him , he only commented
  5. Any word on your ban yet?

  6. I almost do not write anything in this forum my user is only for the basics but this time I have something to say. I have around 120 5x31 perfects comps, including 6x31 mixed and without mentioning the 2x31 3x27 + or those that are raised based on dittos and I think this is a slap in the face to the breeders that we have been breeding for a long time in this way we would have to return to raise everything again, without mentioning the time, and the yens that we would spend on that, also in getting back the breeders I prefer to spend Reward Points to implement pills that give the HA to thr
  7. hey bro when u can battle vs me?

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