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  1. I do 18 Gym + Morimoto + Elesa, so the charge system is not viable if you add some charges, it would harm me and the other players who do a quick rematch. I think the best way would be to count the bonus, even if the time for the last battle is over
  2. that's what I said, if the gym already has a shortcut, then enable it. Acedemias that do not have shortcuts, so remove things to leave the passage free, as I informed above, or do not restart the configuration made of the last puzzle
  3. as I commented in the post, already has a shortcut, when entering the gym, do not enter the port, access the teleportation on the right
  4. Some gyms are too boring to make a rematch, not because of the difficulty of the rematch, but to reach the leader, because the puzzles make you lose a lot of time and if you have an amulet coin activated, time counts a lot something similar was done recently at the Fantina academy in Hearthome, where we had access to Fantina without going through the puzzles Unova: in Upelucid, activated teleportation to reach Iris Sinnoh: in Veilstone, remove the tires to reach Maylene in Pastoria, full water reservoir, allowing lateral access to the Crasher Wake in Canavale, the elevator needs to go down to reach Byron in Snowpoint, remove the snowballs on Sonyshore, the buttons already configured to quickly reach Volkner remember that the suggestion is to stay like this after defeating E4 Thanks for listening
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