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  1. Enzoshow


    Welcome to the forums ;) Enjoy and I hope you enjoy so much with us :P
  2. Welcome and enjoy the forums Montoya ;) ( Spanish surname? )
  3. Welcome and enjoy the forums :)   PS: Bleach's the best :P
  4. Welcome and good luck :) And +1 Hassan
  5. Enzoshow


    Hi :) Hope you enjoy here and ingame :D See you here :D Welcome
  6. Thanks all, and Sorry RacheLucario, I was confused when i wanted to post this haha
  7. Well, I made this wallpaper/background and I want to share it with you all and get comments about to do the next wallpaper/background :)
  8. Enzoshow


    Welcome :) Enjoy your stay
  9. I hope too :D Thanks for all the welcomes :P
  10. Josaa? xDD   Thanks for the welcome :P Nice to meet you all too :)
  11. Well, sorry for all :) Forgot about introduce me ^.^   Hello, Im Jose "Enzoshow", and Im from Spain. Im 21, and I <3 Graphic Design ;) Sorry for all my bad english and low knowledge about pokemon, when I never got a GB :O. Just started on PC and when I was 12 or something and not so much.   Well, I hope make new friends here and learn and teach so much :) cya guys.
  12. I cant set up my signature until April 25, but I let here my two sigs. I will set up 1 of this 2 tags on my profile signature ^.^ Rate it then :)    
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