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  1. alright guys i just got several emails from users claiming to be "pokemmo staff" sending me malicious links to a fake android client. Look very carefully before you rush to open it out of pure excitement like I did, LUCKILY I did not actually open the link, I think it's ransomware so be EXTREMELY CAUTIOUS, I thought I would just post this here just in case anyone else might be getting these malicious emails. I hope the staff send out some kind of official warning.
  2. Cool bro u sound like a dumbass i would reccomend gifting me 100 million pokeyen and then quitting the game. Thats all you are good for is farming and wasting your time apparently. Get your life together lol.
  3. Just call yourself hypebeastpoop instead
  4. My fav pokemon is snorlax. It always has been. He likes to relax, kick back and snack. He is v cute. If i had a snorlax id take naps with him on his large tum and toss him bannanas and other shit i find and hed snack em up ! Not to mention he has been a solid pokemon for a long time. He has kind of fell off in the recent meta but i have a feeling my bud will be back in ou in future games.. also it would be cool to have snorlax let me ride on his shoulder in towns. Id drink sake and go from resturaunt to resturaunt checking out the food and giving the leftovers to my big bud. Hmm.. i guess another recent fav would be mawile. Her mega is so cool !!!
  5. if you read this you have been cursed

  6. Deserted??? I see people and make new temporary buddies all the time. I love adventuring and interacting with the locals here and chattin shit in the chat.
  7. Love this game love the community. Its very healthy and will continue to be for a long time ! Consistant players and alot to do, keep adventuring my friends.
  8. I am the type of person who can only make very specific friends. I don't care for cliques or communities at all. Most of you are idiots at first glance. Some of you reach a little deeper then that. I played this great game off and on since it started on several accounts. I made zero friends and honestly couldnt give a shit. I want to get drunk and shiny hunt and talk shit in the chat. Thats all i do now. Chat shit in the box and look for shit. The future is both hopeful and bleak.. like a shit mist. U may see me very rarely chattin shit in the chat with the lads or u can see me walking about talking MAJOR shit wading through the shit mist looking for a spark of life. Like a lighthouse it will draw me safely into the litterbox, the shit box where i can empty my uguu into each of your stupid brains. if i dipped my swinging hanging nuts into some precious waterman ink and created a rorschach test on your face u would prob see a shiny snorlax. I have been blessed to enjoy this game every time i log in and fully immerse myself in rhy and repetitive clicking. God has seen my patience and dedication towards my shiny hunts and he will reward me if i am patient and if i pulse my uguu muscle hard enough he might even let me blow a load without so much as stroking myself. Which is something i have been working on as well. Shiny hunting and a hands free orgasm go hand in hand just like whiskey at a funeral. The lord saved me from my little death and i was born a new man. A monk of piety. I want to give a shout out to all the staff for all of their dedication and hard work towards this game. Their efforts are appreciated every day by me. Thank you.
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