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  1. Kanto Elite 4 tips/help needed

    So I just managed to beat it with Alakazam and Dragonite and sturdy magnemite with reflect/light screen. (and sacrificial pokemons to use revives on the big guys) Had to use a max revive and a few revives, but i made it through by getting Alakazam setup to sweep with a few calm minds and using Dragonite to remove Aerodactyl and Rhyperior. To give an idea how many times I tried E4, Alakazam is now level 78 once the level cap got lifted. lol It probably would have been easier if I added a starmie/blaziken/salamence to the mix. Will have to try that next time. Anyone else have some nice team suggestions for E4?
  2. I'm currently struggling with the Kanto Elite 4 storyline run. What team setups work to beat E4? I've been randomly buying pokes off the GTL to test out different strategies but my cash is quickly disappearing. I've done what i could, currently running Alakazam, Dragonite and Bisharp with a sturdy magnemite to setup reflect or light screen depending on the battle. I keep losing to either Lance or Rival Gary. So please share the teams you used to beat em! Or what could work well. Thanks!
  3. Elite Four Guide - Kanto & Hoenn

    can you update this please with the new E4's from all regions? thanks!
  4. Gym Leader Rematches Guide

    what team builds are you guys using? I'm a noob when it comes to pvp / double battles. currently i have all lvl 100 [starmie, gengar, tyranitar, typhlosion, charizard, cloyster] Some are ev trained. What im noticing is i have no synergy lol. Im fumbling my way through these fights, often getting wiped or durdling my way to a win. Adding team suggestions to the guide would be really helpful for those of us getting into these gym battles.
  5. In-depth Money Making Guide - Multiple Methods

    Thanks for the guide, really appreciate. How do all those activities translate to profit/hour? How long does an island run take, everstone farming, etc...   I've got data on a few alt runs ive done, would be interesting to compare with other money making methods.  Here are my last 4 kanto alt runs:   Kanto Alt Run TIME            KANTO PROFIT           KANTO PROFIT /hour 8.88                                     1360000                       153153 5.53                                     1481874                       260200 6.13                                     1428447                       232899 5.15                                     1394810                       271100   id say a really relaxed alt run takes about 6 hours (including putting stuff up on GTL) and profits about 1.4mil. So thats 233k/hour average. Prices do depend alot on GTL pricing. My record run so far is 5.15 hours and 1.39 mil. I doubt i can improve that by much.   My question is are we better off island farming, item farming, paydaying, ditto farming, alt running, etc... or do they all average out to the similar profit/hour, in which case, players can just do w/e and know they aren't wasting their time if the goal is making money.
  6. Yeah I also skip all those areas in hoenn. 8 hours for both kanto and hoenn seems really fast. Maybe I just need more practice but I was under the impression hoenn alone took about 5 hours (without victory cave/ E4). Anyways, nice story, will there be a sequel?
  7. GTL enable CTRL+LeftClick from party

    Yes we need this. Also nice to have for putting items up on gtl. And add a shortcut key for easy access to gtl
  8. Pokemon Breeding Simplified (with pictures!)

    Great guide, really like it! Looking forward to you completing it.
  9. [LC] Little Cup general guide.

    OK thanks. I'm guessing to EV train your pokes you either use an amnesia brace or spend 200k on vitamins/steroids? Since you don't want to level and 5x exp share only goes so far?
  10. [LC] Little Cup general guide.

    forgive my ignorance, what is the level cap for little cup and how can one participate? I don't pvp, but i'd be interested in this format.
  11. Nice videos. Quite entertaining. Its interesting to see how you hop from kanto to hoenn. If you don't mind me asking, how long does it take you to do a full run of both regions?
  12. Yeah the prices are a little on the blow side. As a general rule, I would match the lowest price on gtl and deduce 500 to 1000 from it. Didn't wait for prices to go up. So I'd say these are more minimum values with quits the potential to go higher. Also some tms go for a lot more on gtl than in the mart. People just don't know/ are too lazy I don't know, but stuff like tm26, I sold for 29k cuz mart sells for 30. Alright 8 hours is good then. Might remake a staryu then;) .
  13. Thanks, been gone for more than 6 months, now i'm back!   Just finished a Kanto run with good old Alakazam. Took 8.88hours. Man i'm slow and rusty. Still, sold almost everything at Mart and GTL, and I am now sitting on 1.2mil, with another 200k expected to come in eventually. I did deduce the cost for my sweeper (23k poke + moves) and repels (34.5k). Averages out to about 150k/hour.   So your updated prices seem pretty spot on. I do expect a price drop though since it's so profitable, more people will do alt runs and supply/demand yada yada yada.   I'll need to practice a bit more to get back down to 5 hour runs. Not sure that`s even possible anymore, seems the game is slower? Or maybe I just suck that much....haha.    Here is what I posted my stuff up on GTL for   Kanto Altrun items (All items up to E4)    Item  Qty Price Total Amulet Coin  1 39500 39500 Big Mushroom  4 7250 29000 Cleanse Tag  1 100 100 Everstone  1 20000 20000 Exp. Share  1 64999 64999 Leftovers  2 37000 74000 Macho Brace  1 17000 17000 Moon Stone  4 3000 12000 PP up  5 19500 97500 Soothe Bell  1 32000 32000 Tiny Mushroom  3 3000 9000 Total   395099 Listing FEE   19754.95   Kanto Altrun items (Sevii Ilses)    Item  Qty Price Total Dragon Scale  1 11000 11000 Heart Scale  4 7000 28000 Kings's Rock  1 6000 6000 Metal Coat  1 33000 33000 Moon Stone  1 2500 2500 PP MAX  1 62000 62000 PP Up  3 17500 52500 Silk Scarf  1 43000 43000 Sun Stone  1 5000 5000 Up-grade  1 5000 5000   Total   248000 Listing FEE   12400     Tm's with no price next to them aren't picked up in Kanto (thunderbolt, hyperbeam ,etc...). When the price is 100, it`s because i sold to merch. Those were TM's that sold for about 1k at GTL. Couldn't be bothered to post em up. Kanto TM's (Full Run)  TM Move Price TM01 Focus Punch 9999 TM02 Dragon Claw 19000 TM03 Water Pulse 9000 TM04 Calm Mind 3000 TM05 Roar 100 TM06 Toxic 19000 TM07 Hail 100 TM08 Bulk Up 100 TM09 Bullet Seed 100 Hidden Power TM11 Sunny Day 2500 TM12 Taunt 1750 Ice Beam 25000 TM14 Blizzard 15000 Hyper Beam TM16 Light Screen 5000 TM17 Protect 23000 TM18 Rain Dance 2500 TM19 Giga Drain 19950 TM20 Safeguard 100 TM21 Frustration 100 TM22 Solar Beam 11000 Iron Tail Thunderbolt TM25 Thunder 29000 TM26 Earthquake 29000 TM27 Return 14000 TM28 Dig 7000 TM29 Psychic 24000 Shadow Ball TM31 Brick Break 19000 TM32 Double Team 100 TM33 Reflect 2500 TM34 Shock Wave 9000 Flamethrower TM36 Sludge Bomb 25000 TM37 Sandstorm 100 TM38 Fire Blast 28000 TM39 Rock Tomb 100 TM40 Aerial Ace 9000 TM41 Torment 100 TM42 Fa├žade 11000 TM43 Secret Power 8000 TM44 Rest 10000 TM45 Attract 100 TM46 Thief 14000 TM47 Steel Wing 3000 TM48 Skill Swap 3500 TM49 Snatch 100 TM50 Overheat 12000 TMs Total 423899 Listing FEE  21194.95    
  14. Damn right. The gtl update is so awesome. I managed to sell for about 2mil of leftover alt run items and tms. Love the new update. I might post a price list, but don't count on it.
  15. Alright since you brought up claydol in the Kanto guide, what`s the best combination of HM/TM slaves? Dragonite can do all kinds, Claydol can have quite a few also   HM01 - Cut HM02 - Fly HM03 - Surf HM04 - Strength HM05 - Flash HM06 - Rocksmash HM07 - Waterfall HM08 - Dive Teleport TM28 - Dig   Claydol (Flash, Rock Smash, teleport, dig/Strength) Dragonite ( Marill? Tropius? Paras?

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