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  1. hihats

    E4 Speedrun ($1,000,000 reward)

    wow man GJ! Prize money ran out, however fame is importanter! lol. Give it a try, we still need some records for Unova and Hoenn region. Apparently Shuck is destroying Kanto. I am keeping the first post updated with the records.
  2. hihats

    E4 Speedrun ($1,000,000 reward)

    yeah really solid team, I like it alot! Have you considered minimize on drifblim btw? That would also provide some safety, though it seems it would slow you down lol. Any plans to do Hoenn and Unova with the team?
  3. hihats

    E4 Speedrun ($1,000,000 reward)

    damn GJ shuck, that's a new level of OPness right there! Would you change anything on that team? Looks like you really didn't need the defense boosts from vaporeon and drifblim, though I like the idea of going full boosts lol. BTW why not use protect + sub on ninjask instead of leech life?
  4. Can you remove the cooldown timer on losses only? i was in the same situation as Quarok and it is TRULY frustrating to be locked out of E4. It took me about 10 tries to beat E4 a few months ago when I redid a playthrough. Difficulty is okayish. Real slap in the face to lose to lorelei lol...and then have a nice timeout in the corner. You don't get any reward for defeating a few leaders of the E4 so there is no reason not to do this. Doing E4 rematches also sucks balls if you lose on the first or second fight, then you gotta wait 30+ minutes or change to another zone. total turnoff and I often just log out. Thank you for your consideration.
  5. hihats

    E4 Speedrun ($1,000,000 reward)

    Prize sent! Yeah good point on the crits. i guess since you are just passing a few stat boosts it really makes it more consistent. I was going full BP on some runs and either it worked really well or id get hit with an unlucky crit and bam, chain was dead. Also it takes forever to pass many boosts, so it is quite slow to baton pass more than a few times, like 10+ minutes per fight compared to your 5-6minutes. That is really good. cheers!
  6. hihats

    E4 Speedrun ($1,000,000 reward)

    well damn shuck, that's a great job you did there! Very nice! What is your IGN so that I can mail you the 1,000,000$ reward? How would you rate your success rate with the team? Looks like crits could mess you up. Even if the prize is claimed I still encourage you guys to keep trying this. Especially since the winning team, while excellent, looks like it isn't even optimal. Also we still need good times for unova and hoenn! I will keep this post updated with any new records.
  7. hihats

    E4 Speedrun ($1,000,000 reward)

    the offer is still on guys, cmon!
  8. hihats

    How big are elite 4's Team pool ?

    I had gathered some info on Unova E4 teams a while back, so here it is. Feel free to include in your guide. It's great that you are working on it! Have a look at this thread for team builds that have worked for some players. @RacheLucario One of champion Alders teams is missing a pokemon. Didn't want to let you know since the easier win is greatly appreciated. P.S. If you actually want people doing E4, remove full restores and auto-heal teams after each fight. It's a huge struggle when you are just starting out, I wasted more than 1million on revives and potions doing these E4 runs. Was lucky I had the funds, instant turn-off when you barely win and need to revive/heal/pp 4+ pokes, 25k down the drain. And then you fail on the next fight. Apologies for the rant, but having to heal up between fights sucks balls, E4 would be great if not for that. I find you have done fantastic work and it is a real challenge. UNOVA E4 ROUND 5+ Elite four Shauntel (Bottom Left) hydreigon rotom-w bisharp froslass bronzong bisharp dragonite chandelure lucario chandelure eelektross chandelure zoroark toxicroak golurk chandelure persian chandelure absol bronzong chandelure lucario drifblim zoroark dragonite hydreigon chandelure umbreon purugly umbreon gliscor bisharp luxray dragonite mismagius milotic jolteon jellicent lucario banette cofagrigus bisharp Elite four Grimsley (Top Left) bisharp bisharp mismagius haxorus zoroark bisharp liepard bisharp spiritomb chandelure absol chandelure samurott rosereade chadelure chandelure garchomp staraptor luxray bisharp drapion garchomp espeon honchkrow chandelure garchomp salamence crobat bisharp samurott gyarados kingdra staraptor sharpedo bisharp espeon gliscor mismagius garchomp krookodile sharpedo spiritomb samurott scrafty mismagius houndoom bisharp spiritomb Elite four Caitlyn (Top Right) nidoqueen emolga umbreon gothithelle raichu metagross metagross togekiss metagross entei staraptor sigilyph houndoom reuniclus slowking entei mienshao metagross cinccino gallade vaporeon absol empoleon metagross milotic snorlax altaria mienshao metagross alakazam musharna umbreon mienshao serperior staraptor blissey leafeon altaria nidoqueen metagross empoleon jolteon Elite four Marshal (Bottom Right) magnezone breloom gyarados carracosta aggron medicham tyranitar krookodile golurk skarmory crawdaunt gyarados luxray haxorus conkeldurr salamence magnezone conkeldurr lucario dusknoir seismitoad conkeldurr metagross skarmory seismitoad conkeldurr dusknoir sawk conkeldurr throh Champion Alder braviary latios escavalier feraligatr gigalith bouffalant volcarona vanilluxe floatzel dragonite latios volcarona vaporeon sandslash volcarona manectric volcarona excadrill sandslash excadrill latios krookodile excadrill latias lucario vaporeon excadrill lucario accelgor chandelure manectric x feraligatr volcarona seismitoad seismitoad
  9. hihats

    E4 Speedrun ($1,000,000 reward)

    Haha that's fine just make sure you record if you make it to 35 mins or less ;)
  10. hihats

    E4 Speedrun ($1,000,000 reward)

    mago1993, that is awesome. I will update the main post to list you as current Kanto champion. The $1,000,000 reward has yet to be claimed. CMON guys and gals!
  11. hihats

    E4 Speedrun ($1,000,000 reward)

    The event is still on! Man if you can hit 25 mins that would be awesome!
  12. hihats

    E4 Speedrun ($1,000,000 reward)

    Well I have had some fights against leaders last around 5-6 minutes. So 5 fights X 6 minutes is 30 minutes. Hence the challenge. I believe 35 mins should be possible, that is just 11 minutes less than the current record. What I noticed takes time is when i'm stalling out turns forcing switches for spikes damage. So yeah hyper offense would be a possible way to be fast. 2-3 years ago it would take me 20 minutes to beat the first round of E4 before the level caps. Just realized you are maybe thinking about a speedrun for the whole game. What I meant is a speedrun of just the elite 4 instance once they have lvl 100 teams.
  13. hihats

    E4 Speedrun ($1,000,000 reward)

    well you get 82k with amulet coin and 2k Battle Points for unova elite 4, not sure about the other two. should be similar.
  14. Speedruns are pretty popular in many games. The goal is to finish the game as fast as possible. There are lots of pokemon speed run videos on youtube. In many MMO's, people do speed runs of elite areas, where beating the instance as fast as possible is great for the end loot and bragging rights. I used to play Guild Wars 1, and a popular end game aspect was (and still is) to speed clear elite areas for the rewards. Tons of teamwork and cooperation is required to keep pushing those records. What I hope with this thread is create such an environment where we can innovate together and find the most efficient/fun ways to beat E4. So what I am proposing here is a 1,000,000$ reward to the first person who can beat any Elite 4 (kanto, hoenn, unova) in less than 35 minutes. I believe this is hard, but achievable. My personal best is about 55 minutes. The best time I have seen is from @Crazyhell, 46 minutes for Unova E4. Requirements: -Lvl 100 elite 4 -Time <= 35 minutes -Provide team build, moves, EV spreads, items, etc... -a video should be used as proof, but... -I just might accept a screenshot displaying the cooldown timer as proof WE HAVE A WINNER. Congratulations Shuck! Current records: Kanto: Shuck - 18:36 Hoenn: ______ Unova: Crazyhell - 46 minutes Previous records: Kanto: -Shuck - 21:21 -Shuck - 29:30 -mago1993 - 47minutes Hoenn: Unova: Proof: P.S. If some mods want to get involved I will mail you the reward money.
  15. hihats

    [Video] E4 Unova fast and few/none item

    so i beat E4 unova with your team, I barely used starmie though. Did not ever seem like i needed her very much. Would you recommend using a different pokemon?

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