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  1. E4 Speedrun ($1,000,000 reward)

    The event is still on! Man if you can hit 25 mins that would be awesome!
  2. E4 Speedrun ($1,000,000 reward)

    Well I have had some fights against leaders last around 5-6 minutes. So 5 fights X 6 minutes is 30 minutes. Hence the challenge. I believe 35 mins should be possible, that is just 11 minutes less than the current record. What I noticed takes time is when i'm stalling out turns forcing switches for spikes damage. So yeah hyper offense would be a possible way to be fast. 2-3 years ago it would take me 20 minutes to beat the first round of E4 before the level caps. Just realized you are maybe thinking about a speedrun for the whole game. What I meant is a speedrun of just the elite 4 instance once they have lvl 100 teams.
  3. E4 Speedrun ($1,000,000 reward)

    well you get 82k with amulet coin and 2k Battle Points for unova elite 4, not sure about the other two. should be similar.
  4. Speedruns are pretty popular in many games. The goal is to finish the game as fast as possible. There are lots of pokemon speed run videos on youtube. In many MMO's, people do speed runs of elite areas, where beating the instance as fast as possible is great for the end loot and bragging rights. I used to play Guild Wars 1, and a popular end game aspect was (and still is) to speed clear elite areas for the rewards. Tons of teamwork and cooperation is required to keep pushing those records. What I hope with this thread is create such an environment where we can innovate together and find the most efficient/fun ways to beat E4. So what I am proposing here is a 1,000,000$ reward to the first person who can beat any Elite 4 (kanto, hoenn, unova) in less than 35 minutes. I believe this is hard, but achievable. My personal best is about 55 minutes. The best time I have seen is from @Crazyhell, 46 minutes for Unova E4. Requirements: -Lvl 100 elite 4 rounds -Time <= 35 minutes -Provide team build, moves, EV spreads, items, etc... -a video should be used as proof, but... -I just might accept a screenshot displaying the cooldown timer as proof Current records: Kanto: ______ Hoenn: ______ Unova: Crazyhell - 46 minutes Proof: P.S. If some mods want to get involved I will mail you the reward money.
  5. E4 Unova fast and few/none item ( with video )

    so i beat E4 unova with your team, I barely used starmie though. Did not ever seem like i needed her very much. Would you recommend using a different pokemon?
  6. Android Release HYPE [Coming Soon]

    As a casual player with about an hour max of playing per day, just training a team of 6 pokemon for E4 has taken me about a month. The thing is that people usually have plenty of ideas and they may want to innovate/try something new. So even if you already have a volcarona comp, well maybe you might want to make a bulky Bold one with roost or something funky. I don't think most players will run out of stuff to breed, therefore if you believe adding more breeding to get HA's is a good idea, all you are doing is instead of having players breed to innovate in the current meta, they will simply be rebreeding to stay relevant. Plus each player that is wasting time breeding stuff is not actually participating in pvp and therefore people aren't learning or getting better at pvp, they have a huge time barrier just to get in to pvp. I don't even dare to do comp, since with my 1 hour per day, well training multiple teams will take me a couple of years lol.
  7. E4 Unova fast and few/none item ( with video )

    great video! That was awesome man, thanks for the team builds! Do you ever run into problems with different E4 team compositions?
  8. Looking for Darkshade's advice~~

    what it sounds like is you want to do game development. I have dabbled a bit with pygame (pythons 2d game library), and you can animate a sprite, make it walk around a map, build a full game, etc... so what you need to is: 1. Some sort of graphics program to create sprites(gimp, photoshop, paint...etc..) 2.Learn a programming language (python, c++, c#,etc...). Plenty of free courses online that you can find to start you off also you might want to look into godot.
  9. Curselax team for E4

    they do seem to crit alot, that is true. Yesterday I got hit by two crits in a row on my curselax. Is the crit rate higher on E4?...hmm. Crit sucks balls, kinda messes up the whole point of using curselax. Damn. Thanks for the team, I will build it and test it out, there might still be hope for the mighty curselax. First, I will try your own team you use for E4 unova since it's tested and seems to work well. How do you manage to not use any healing items though? I often need to use at least a few hyper potions or 1-2 revives after each battle.
  10. Curselax team for E4

    yeah for unova, but hopefully if it's a sound team, it will work for kanto and hoenn. Thanks for sharing your team, I have all those pokes except swampert and dragonite which i wanted to get anyways, so I'll train those up and give it a try. Back to my original question, still looking for answers on a team centered on curselax. Thanks!
  11. I am working hard trying to figure out the best team for the Elite 4. I was quite successful with curselax, and I would like to build a team centered on him. Two other team members which I would like to add in the mix, are gliscor and scizor. I'm thinking of maybe a trick room reuniclus or gengar to cover snorlax's weakness to fighting. Or chandelure? I'm looking for recommendations for the other 3 pokemon Thanks in advance. Snorlax @ Leftovers Ability: Thick Fat EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpD Careful Nature - Body Slam - Crunch - Curse - Rest Scizor @ Leftovers Ability: Technician EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Def Adamant Nature - Bullet Punch - U-turn - Roost - Swords Dance Gliscor @ Leftovers Ability: Hyper Cutter EVs: 244 HP / 120 Def / 144 Spe Impish Nature - Stealth Rock - Earthquake - Roost - Swords Dance
  12. Allow us to delete characters

    to allow us the get rid of chars we don't want or not create dummy accounts for alt runs. Some people (like myself) still like just playing the storyline, as in the good old gameboy days. Also on my main account I wish I just had one character , but i can't delete the other two random blokes.
  13. Good job mighty boxer, I like that we now have all three guides in one place. Also that unova was added thanks to you and that the other two regions got updated. Very useful!
  14. Weather Condition

    I hope it wont be an animation at the end of each turn as with leftovers and all that, any given turn already takes forever to end.
  15. Minutes and seconds on trainer card

    yeah i agree, the time always seems off

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