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  1. i have  a 4*31 bold weezing with wow 28 speed 

    1. lVlusay


      4x31 too much for me, looking to spend 350-450k. Thanks anyway.

  2. i mean like in my inventory (bag) i have x99 2 stacks of berrys can i get more of that one berry ? 
  3. is there a max amount of berrys of each kind ?
  4. I have a plant it tells me i have 0 berries on it and it will not let me pick/clear the plant what do i do.
  5. ive received 1 berry 2 times and 6-9 berryes almost every time 
  6. luck   Lucky i kill maybe 75 and got nothing 
  7. I will try in the morning i dont want all my stuff to die 
  8. very sweet + very sour does not work for grepa very sad 
  9. there must be another combo for cherry someone please find it ^.^ hue
  10. very spicy plus very bitter does not make razz 
  11. I think the more you water the plant at one time the less berrys will grow im not 100% but im testing now.
  12. Im about to go threw hoenn again to check it out and does each berry tell you a list on the discription because mine does not 
  13. go up and look at the seed break down whole point of the guide 
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