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  1. Dafuq wrong with you?

    1. Kyosuke


      It's my own problem. It's personal, sorry.

  2. Hello.~ My idea:   Can you add an option for the Executives or Commanders please? I would love have the permission of change a rank of member when I'm Executive or Commander.~
  3. I love the ears on the 2nd character, haha.~
  4. Hello, my new suggestion: Kyubey hat + Knight Helmet Click on Like if you would like this new hat.~
  5. Your idea is cool but it's hard to add in the Pokemon Fire Red version or Emerald version.~
  6. Hello, I've four ideas for the Gift Shop:   Add a "special ticket" for Mewtwo. (can change the moves of Mewtwo with our TMs from our bag for example)   Add a "special limited Donator Status" for Mewtwo. (up the chance to find a Mewtwo in the Cerulean Cave)   Add a "special ticket" for the teams. (can change the max members of 150 to 200 or 250 for example)   Add a "special function" for the secret bases. (can teleport ourself to another secret base | Unlimited when bought)       Edit: I post my ideas here because it's a thread about the "Gift Shop".~
  7. Nice theme, Charizard is like a Dark dragon.~
  8. Hello. We have the normal "cute" Kyubey of Puella Magi Madoka Magica, but, why not the dark Kyubey too?~ (the actual style with this hat: Disney, hue) "Normal" Kyubey: "Dark Kyubey" in Manga:
  9. Hi hi.~ I love your work. ^_^   [spoiler] The In Game system can't be edited. :/ But It's beautiful~[/spoiler]
  10. Hi, nice background, I like, thank you Enzo! ^_^
  11. Ohh, nice signature, thank you Sleepy.~
  12. Hey hey Sleepy, I like your job, can you try one for me?~   Text: Kyosuke Specific font you want used?: Time New Roman Specific renders/images/pokemon: Entei Any other details: Animation on the text if possible.~
  13. My suggestion: A thing of Inazuma Eleven Go (the logo on you for example~) Who support my idea? Hue. :) (pictures soon~)
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