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  1. Dafuq wrong with you?

    1. Kyosuke


      It's my own problem. It's personal, sorry.

  2. Kyosuke


    Hello, nice to meet you there, good luck with your arts, Pokemon fan.~
  3. Welcome, new fan of Entei. *_* :)
  4. Hello.~ My idea:   Can you add an option for the Executives or Commanders please? I would love have the permission of change a rank of member when I'm Executive or Commander.~
  5. Hello, welcome, nice to meet you there!~
  6. Hello, welcome back.
  7. I love the ears on the 2nd character, haha.~
  8. Hello, my new suggestion: Kyubey hat + Knight Helmet Click on Like if you would like this new hat.~
  9. Hello, short introduction, hue, but welcome, sir Katochi.~
  10. Hello, nice to meet you there and good luck.~
  11. Your idea is cool but it's hard to add in the Pokemon Fire Red version or Emerald version.~
  12. Hello and welcome. Nice to meet you.~
  13. Hello, Luna. Nice to meet you and have fun with us.~
  14. Hello, welcome.~ Nice to meet a new fan of Puella Magi Madoka Magica. ;)
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