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  1. Thanks a lot guys. I'm missing playing with/against you too... I'll try to come and play a few games once in a while if i get time. See you amigos!
  2. I'm sorry, i'm to focused on materiast dialectic right now to play :'(
  3. Gratz on the win @DiDi !!! Good to know that RNG isn't dead with players like you keeping on the good plays! And even retired players are still pretty (like very very pretty) good : I think I've built one of the best HO in this fresh new UU tiers. Some replays just here : And as i'm a good guy, I let you enjoy the build by yourself if you wanna kick some asses : Enjoy my friends
  4. http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/ou-588066122 Check out that taunt magic bounced play
  5. PSL Season 8 General Thread

    Hi guys! I'll have to withdraw my application for psl. I got motivated by psl hype and the fact I love this competiton but I wont have time to invest myself enough this time. I prefer not playing than disappointing my manager and teamates, or even not being able to show up. And I dont want this to be part of my record. Good luck to everyone and may we face again in the future
  6. Oh cool! I thought they forgot me cause of my last couple of weeks vanishing
  7. How the fuck am I not in any French team? I'm feeling like Benzema
  8. Too. Everytime you give Germany à complete state they try to dominate Europe. Complicated neighborhood
  9. Lol, looks too much like 20h century Ign : Guerinf Country : France
  10. Gratz bro I'm happy you got the results you deserved! Although, it's possible for player like you who have comps and access to teammates's to play casually and succeed in tournament and psl. I've been doing this for 6 monthes haha. Amirite @Crazyhell?
  11. That's were you're wrong. I had them all in mine
  12. Was still at half of the trip :) @Noad @RacheLucario @Raederz can you ban blackjovi for beeing rude with our good friend kaynine? He's using very shocking expression even for not native english speaker like me... I can't imagine how k9 is feeling right now :/

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