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  1. PSL Season 8 General Thread

    Hi guys! I'll have to withdraw my application for psl. I got motivated by psl hype and the fact I love this competiton but I wont have time to invest myself enough this time. I prefer not playing than disappointing my manager and teamates, or even not being able to show up. And I dont want this to be part of my record. Good luck to everyone and may we face again in the future
  2. Oh cool! I thought they forgot me cause of my last couple of weeks vanishing
  3. How the fuck am I not in any French team? I'm feeling like Benzema
  4. Too. Everytime you give Germany à complete state they try to dominate Europe. Complicated neighborhood
  5. Lol, looks too much like 20h century Ign : Guerinf Country : France
  6. CZD's stuff

    m Amostar [Modest] HP[31] ATK[x] DEF[22-23] SATK[30] SDEF[31] SPD[31] HP grass f Fearow[Jolly] HP[27-28] ATK[31] DEF[24-25] SATK[22-23] SDEF[24-25] SPD[31] 1M for both?
  7. Damage Percentages

    It would also allow us to know whether things are banded, nature, bulky or fast, etc Allowing us to play better without having to rely on our fallible human eyes to guess if that attack damaged 35% or 40%
  8. The Pokemon Showdown Thread

    Not at all (you gave me hope with your post btw, but still no btooom)
  9. The Pokemon Showdown Thread

    Can someone get this guy to sign up for PSL VI? That would be awesome.
  10. The Pokemon Showdown Thread

    The replay stopped at 295 turns, was still 6v6. Can someone spoil me the end?
  11. Gratz Nik!! But that wasn't cool to humiliate gbweak like you did. He's a poor thing you know
  12. PvP : stop stall fest?

    Stall is a legit playstyle. Blame it as much as you want but that's a fact. When good stall players (i think about gb, yub or zebra for example) are stalling, they do not do it without an "end-game purpose" or just for the fun of stalling. It's just that they find themselves better in this kind of playstyle and i don't think it would be faire to forbid some kind of playstyle. Moreover, it would have a dirty effect on the metagame if you could avoid taking into account stall when you're teambuilding. And that's coming from an offensive player.
  13. The Pokemon Showdown Thread

    I felt taunted, i felt attacked, i felt insulted. http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/doublesou-411398841 Just entered the top 500, doubles are way too easy. I'm gonna try triples now. Btw, Schuchty was right on one point for once

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