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  1. Wiri vs enchanteur in 10 amirite?
  2. Too. Everytime you give Germany à complete state they try to dominate Europe. Complicated neighborhood
  3. Lol, looks too much like 20h century Ign : Guerinf Country : France
  4. Me vs @Predakiller in 10-15min
  5. Fair enough. Was kind of fun but whatever
  6. Pls don't :'( Btw, you missed week 6 power rankings!
  7. This was a 50/50, stop bullying me by worsening my ratio in the Excel sheet :'(
  8. Yeah yeah nominate you bias host. I'M doing all this for beeing in there not to help that gbweird scumbag!! Joking, I don't mind @Osuki deserves it :) And I'll just have to win vs him next week. Be there, cause that's gonna be historical as I never beated him once haha
  9. Cause I was at cinema. And now i'd like to go to sleep cause i work tomorow (or beat my flatmate at Fifa). But yeah i'm coming on
  10. I speaking flirt englshe
  11. I bet RNG lead with @Crazyhell that I get a better W/L ratio than him
  12. I'm on it but i just type with one finger on computer! :/
  13. jj your rigt not taking xploz his bad at comps end use chansey and walls !!!!!111!!!1 EDIT : plus he's a filthy asshole!!! ban him pls
  14. I've been kind of busy and away from the discussion so I'm kind of surprised of what i can see right now about the UU tiers which is the one I appreciate the most right now. I must acknowledge that Tiers Council did a really good job on it banning Typhlo and Sceptile who were really too restrictive for any offensive tambuilding. Moreover, even if i fought with gb hundreds of hours on Kangashkan, if i hate the hyper authoritian way the test-ban was done, and if i'm still not sure if it's banworthy, i think the Kanga-less meta is really enjoyable and a lot more diverse. So, good job on that and heil gb, Pol Pot of the TC. Those bans allowed many new different defensive and offensive cores and strategies to appear. I clearly lol at the few post who blame a concentration around the curse set of Miltank and Crad. For the case of Miltank, the biggest problem of Miltank is its poor special bulk that don't allow it to reliably switch in against Manectric, Crobat, Jynx and other fast special attackers. When it start cursing, it's easily countered by Armaldo, Scizor and Misdra (or a Toxic user if it has fire punch), Aggron, Golem etc. Even some roar Steelix or Taunting Crobat trouble it. Oh and it's a bait for curse cradily too which makes me come to the second point on how unbroken is crad. As @RysPicz acknowledged it, its shamefull lose against a curse crad is only due to a very poor teambuilding. If cradily use recover for its curse set, it's dealt with a simple toxic so it won't beat a stall team but can be a problem for offensive teams. Although, i'd be really ashamed for bringing something offensive without a way to 1-2hko a crad at +1. If it uses rest, then it can be a super weapon against a stall team which rely on indirect damages but is really weak against an offensive team as it will have troubles to take repeated hits. Whatever the set, Scizor beats it (even hp fire won't ohko and Scizor can heal itself), Hitmonlee can manage to switch in, Steelix shits on it, Aggron, LO Exeg can even switch in and troubles it a lot. And, I'll repeat myself, but toxic users can all come in and put a timer on it. Then, its weaknesses let it open to revenge kill (or kill during the rest turns) such as Jynx or Lapras. Moreover, the curse set up takes a lot of time so you have a lot of opportunities to play mind games (or sack something to rk before it reach a non-return point). For the case of the borderline mons like Haryama or Gator, letting them come down in UU is obviously a bad idea considering they can beat the whole metagames so easily and have bulk to come in frequently. On the case of Donphan, I really don't think it's banworthy even if it's super powerfull, especially when paired with things that love to come on its 2 sure grass counters (dd altaria, banded aerial ace crobat, glalie, etc.). However, there are other powerfull offensive and defensive cores (crad+slowking, hitmonlee+crawdaunt, etc.), and cores that can stop them, which is why a discussion on Donphan is uneeded in my opinion. Finally, i really feel like UU is enjoyable, on the point that i'm even thinking about skipping a party on friday to play a tournament haha (which i haven't since a too long time). I've been seeing different forms of teambuild, relying on different cores and strategies. I can think of offensive, balanced and stall teambuilds I've seen or played myself, and that had success. Moreover, the meta has threats that are very hard to handle (but still manageable) for some playstyle but that don't work has effectively against others (rest curse crad or LO tox exeg against stall, SD Sneasel or weather pokes against offense, etc.). In a nutshell, i don't really understand the complains about UU as in my eyes, every playstyle seems available and enjoyable in UU right now. But maybe i'm a litlle bit blind about it. EDIT : wow fuck vap just got down, all above is now null and void then
  15. My predictions for managers : KaynineXL Elcoolio Jovi Xploz Lion Gbweak Life EL PIPEEEEEEE