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  1. People complaining about this make no sense. Play the game. Story only takes a couple days. You should have no problems with lvling or gyms. And if you picked snivy as your starter that's your fault.
  2. Otulp's Shop

    LF offers. Need money like the rest of us. Usually on mornings and evenings EST. Hmu in game ign otulp. Togetic M Modest 26/x/31/31/25/28 Ninetales Timid 29/x/28/28/29/31 hp grass Shiftry M Naughty 27/31/28/30/31/30 hp fire Camerupt F Sassy 27/31/26/31/31/25 Pelipper F Bold 25/30/30/31/28/23 Butterfree F Modest 27/x/27/30/30/31 hp ground Castform F Modest 25/x/24/31/30/30 hp rock Hitmontop M Impish 25/29/31/x/24/25 Golem F Jolly 28/30/31/x/24/31 w/ t-punch Persian F Jolly 26/31/25/x/27/31 w/ psych up, flail Tropius F Bold 31/x/31/26/28/31 w/ leech seed Raticate F Jolly 24/31/30/x/24/31 Scyther F Jolly 25/30/31/x/26/31 Jumpluff M Jolly 28/31/25/x/23/31 Farfetch'd F Jolly 26/31/24/x/25/31 w/ leaf blade Shiny OT Whismur F Timid 25/25/6/5/23/6 (Not selling unless overpay)
  3. Other regions

  4. Hype?

    Spicy meme.
  5. patience is key for unova

    no ones rushing anything. kyu already hinted at the release date. so im not sure what youre talking about fren
  6. ~30 Days to go until Unova

    I cant remember if they did that for the hoenn update or not. and the last part was a little bit of sarcasm.
  7. ~30 Days to go until Unova

    will we be given the chance to change our character appearance when the update drops tonight?
  8. Remove Rocket Uniform

    quality shit post

  10. Different points for different tiers

    Good point, kinda just came up with it off the top of my head, but I like your idea. Any idea to help encourage players to play other tiers more frequently is what I'm hoping for.
  11. With new items on the way I think it would be great if you could get different bp for playing different tiers. With certain items only being bought with certain bp it would encourage players to play different tiers therefore adding more players to uu and nu matchmaking.
  12. The next generation is ...

    Ah ok. So the real update (if we get a pts on April fools lel) will still be a few weeks out
  13. The next generation is ...

    How long after a pts is the main server usually updated?

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