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  1. Otulp


    This is why I still lurk forums
  2. I might start playing again if this happens. It was always impossible finding people to NU with
  3. If you ever want to NU hmu. I need a reason to open the game
  4. I'm assuming you're making this team for NU and not to grind BP on matchmaking. If that's the case I would run either naive or hasty so that you can boom (explosion) on something for as much damage as you can. The +speed nature to outspeed what you can. If you want someone to try out your team with hmu in game I'm LF other NU people to play against.
  5. Yeah that'd be cool. Would need help setting something like that up but I'm sure I could get some guys in AURA to join.
  6. So I'm coming back to this after being rip awhile. Still seeing there's no incentive for players to get on UU/NU matchmaking so was wondering if anyone wanted to designate a spot to go if they wanted to find a lower tier match. We could maybe start a group and go from there. ps please move this if it's in the wrong section.
  7. Otulp

    NU group

    Same time this week guys
  8. Otulp

    NU group

    ill be on around 5pm EST if anyone wants to run a few games. you guys cool with verm ch 7 or is there somewhere in unova you guys wanna meet up at?
  9. Otulp

    NU group

    Cool. What time works best for you guys? Ik a lot of us work.
  10. Source on this? And ofc ai cant but that goes without saying lmao. I agreed with OP that the story was challenging, but why does that mean we have to change it and remove the challenge? There are a lot of players, including myself, who enjoyed the challenge. Before it was a little too easy. We shouldnt have to change the cap just because players refuse to learn type matches and other things to help overcome some of the difficulties.
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