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  1. Sand Stream in UU

    Ignore smogon we dont follow it.
  2. Merry Christmas!!!

    When jhoto?
  3. NU group

    Same time this week guys
  4. NU group

    ill be on around 5pm EST if anyone wants to run a few games. you guys cool with verm ch 7 or is there somewhere in unova you guys wanna meet up at?
  5. NU group

    Cool. What time works best for you guys? Ik a lot of us work.
  6. a possibe fix to lvl cap issue

    Source on this? And ofc ai cant but that goes without saying lmao. I agreed with OP that the story was challenging, but why does that mean we have to change it and remove the challenge? There are a lot of players, including myself, who enjoyed the challenge. Before it was a little too easy. We shouldnt have to change the cap just because players refuse to learn type matches and other things to help overcome some of the difficulties.
  7. a possibe fix to lvl cap issue

    yeah ik not everyone wanted to pvp. but besides berry farming and shiny hunting thats really all there is to the game atm. and for berry farming and shiny hunting you dont need to beat the game to do it. if they just wanted to experience the story they can, it just doesnt have to be in mmo.
  8. a possibe fix to lvl cap issue

    Well, you can kind of look at the main story as the "tutorial" for pvp. Good thing is you dont lose money when you lose a story battle. So theres no real drawback.
  9. a possibe fix to lvl cap issue

    Yeah i understand where youre coming from. But i think this is good to teach these new players type match ups and some other competitive strategies they will need for pvp. And you dont need 5x31 mons to run through the story. Just good strat. And theyll only need to invest in a few revives/potions for e4. But trust me i understand the worry. The pros just outweigh the cons for me.
  10. NU group

    Anyone want to get a group together every Friday or whenever and do unranked pvp? If we get enough people we should be able to hop on and get some BP while practicing with the new mons. That way we wont have to get bodied by Volc on ou unranked.
  11. a possibe fix to lvl cap issue

    There really is no issue with the current cap. if theyre struggling that much find appropriate type match ups for the gyms/rivals. Makes the game 100x easier.
  12. Obtaining Hidden Abilities

    This. Lower tier players exist too.
  13. Obtaining Hidden Abilities

    For people who dont play ou and stick to uu/nu, a large number of our mons need to be re bred. This really hurts us more than ou players.
  14. Obtaining Hidden Abilities

    I think I read before (correct me if I'm wrong) that HAs are planned to only be passed down through females. If both genders could pass I think it would make rebreeding our comps less painful.
  15. Obtaining Hidden Abilities

    ive played black desert, which is one of those korean grind fest, and even in that game your old gear doesnt become obsolete. sure theres always better armor to collect as you progress, but but you can still pvp with beginner gear thats be enhanced enough. tbh most of those games dont force you to trash your old gear.

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