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  1. Hiya to anyone who came to this page to see my words! Well, I started to play a few years back (2015...) but left not to long after. Now that i am back am trying to get through the game at my own pace and having fun. Its relaxing and has the feel of a normal game with the uniqueness only found in fan-made games! Im not competitive as i just want to have a good time. Thanks for reading, ky!~
  2. so are we selling ralts or not?

  3. Finally! A day off! >.> NEED SNACKS!

    1. CyrusZathen


      I would like to eat a chips if were you.

    2. Kydashing


      I got chocolate covered cranberries and Mint Mini Oreos. :3

    3. CyrusZathen


      That's way better let me eat xd

  4. Yay! Spheal! Omgs going to use nthis for sure, thanks so much for making this!
  5. Ralts hunting, cus i can. Foreveralone ;,;

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Bishav


      Ign: dededoge*

    3. Kydashing


      Aw danks! But i have to work some of tomorrow, and today i was gone all day with work.Hopefully sometime tomorrow night! :3

    4. Bishav


      Danks :o my ign just changed to Bishav

  6. People adding me but idk whovthey are...should i be happy?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Kovac


      Or terribly happy.

    3. kyustorm
    4. CyrusZathen


      But you added me instead xd why would you be scared you added me not i added you lol.

  7. :3 I got my first badge a few days ago...now to learn to make da monies.

    1. TheGloriousWalrus


      sell crack and pimp npcs, that always works

    2. Kydashing


      ^^Ty you da bomb

    3. kyustorm


      Get da monies with the vs. seeker in Vermillion city, rebattle trainers for more monies :D

  8. :3 danks for your kind words (and advice >.>)
  9. Hi,my name is Kydashing, and i have played Pokemon Mmorphs, mmos,and such for quite awhile. Most notably; Pokemon Crater, Pokemon Moon, and Pokemon PDOD.   And OF COURSE i have played all the actually games up to this point, but nothing beats real-time multiplayer! :3   Anyway, nice to meet you all and known I'll be around if you'd like to talk.   I am also very active in ChickenSmoothie, by the same name.    ~ Kydashing
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