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  1. omg thx u very much i love this theme alot :D
  2. sadly vorred beat me to it cause i was thinking the same thing until i seen vorred post but hi
  3. I decided i will try to win a tournament for team vale since i won 1 in past and i updated my about page on here

  4. i would love seeing someone make a gardevpir theme if there arnt any :3
  5. welcome to the forums and game!
  6. wb to pokemmo fellow old player
  7. for once i agree on this most people may not but it wouldnt hurt to help them by giving message to encourage them to research it value i play tons mmo games and i see some mmo i played had warning message for rarity and encouraging them to research it
  8. Last update for abit how is everyone.I been good met some interesting people ^.^

  9. @Moetal is it fine i help with moemons in future im still settleing in to my new place and if i get chance or any moemons u need work on i could help but meh please dont respond mean im worried to even posting here again i used to make art and sprites for ppl in past and ik how make moemons very well but ur choice idm.
  10. kk thx u 2 ill remember this
  11. i guess ignore that last post on here i was being big baby last night had so many problems all at once xD
  12. O.o what tauros more rare then chanseys in area 2 weird cuz i was running into tauros left and right one after another more then other pokes and way more then chanseys!
  13. Welcome to pokemmo and the forum!
  14. Welcome and Kanto best option anyways have fun!
  15. Welcome to pokemmo and the pokemmo forums love see u more ^.^
  16. i got for month cooldown cange team tag then huge as price or even higher cooldown cuz i hate waste so much cash just for changing team tag
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