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  1. fuse gardevoir/darkrai and umbreon/mew
  2. it fine i can wait dont want to rush u lol
  3. i agree i lost tons of money cause of the name raters.
  4. request for girlfriend. Text:Princesslily Pokemon:Wigglytuff background:Ur choice but needs to be pink lol anything else:ur choice again
  5. omg thx u very much i love this theme alot :D
  6. instead why dont they add alil bar that shows u. How many rope u have and the berrys well idk maybe on same tab as the ropes and place/set a berry to show how many u have in bag idk i dont mind if they dont added or not
  7. sadly vorred beat me to it cause i was thinking the same thing until i seen vorred post but hi
  8. yea munya i have to agree with bilburt on this one. It would be a alright feature but very pointless and annoying
  9. yea same with that and they most likely wont implement what u want sorry to say
  10. but they already have enough on there hands they cant keep trying babysit everything that people do in global chat
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