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  1. fue un duelo interestante/ that was a interesting duel
  2. Seriosly, not even accidental run away, kill or roar/whirlwind trolling
  3. When you find your first ot and pray you dont kill it or get a blackout
  4. Thanks, today was a crazy and fun day, I enjoyed every match and sharing both the fun and the victory as a team. And EfronX didt get behind, its fair to say to any who wasnt watched that fight that that the duel was decided by milimetric RNG. #TopitoOP
  5. Redav

    Samurai Jack (Adult Swim season 5)

    Thanks, I liked every episode and I felt them like they went too fast
  6. Redav

    Samurai Jack (Adult Swim season 5)

    Are 10 episodes for this season?
  7. 2 years and fraction, 3304 hours, first no community combat final and first prize shiny. Im happy

    2 años y fracción, 3304 horas, primer final que no es community combat y primer premio shiny. Soy feliz.

    1. Startear



    2. FinnTheMember


      Wohooo Congrulations Numen Rider :)

  8. CONGRULATIONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^

    1. Redav


      thanks, in part wouldnt be possible without your help learning

    2. FinnTheMember


      Aww thanks man ! We tried to enjoy together but you were always good at every tier *jealos* haha , u deserved that , Champ !! :)

  9. Redav

    [Money Guide] Community Pickup Guide

    North pole: Hyper potion, King´s Rock
  10. can a Liechi berry get the attack even higher after using a belly drum?

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