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  1. Artemiseta and myself on friday around 8pm EST
  2. lost 2-1 to EYL
  3. Doubles from NORE twice this week, idk what kind of sorcery is this
  4. me vs EYL in 10 min
  5. Sweendog vs Redav in 10 minutes
  6. Sweendog vs me thursday at 8PM BST
  7. yeah those were close matches
  8. LuisPocho and me around 1 hour from now Edit: by mutual agree it will be other hours from the edit time, around 18:50 gmt-4
  9. IGN: Redav Timezone: GMT-4 Tiers: NU, doubles Fluff: I can get some interesting double games get I get inspired, 1 NU official prize may help despite there are better NU players and
  10. Thanks, I liked every episode and I felt them like they went too fast
  11. Are 10 episodes for this season?
  12. 2 years and fraction, 3304 hours, first no community combat final and first prize shiny. Im happy

    2 años y fracción, 3304 horas, primer final que no es community combat y primer premio shiny. Soy feliz.

    1. Startear



    2. FinnTheMember


      Wohooo Congrulations Numen Rider :)

  13. CONGRULATIONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^

    1. Redav


      thanks, in part wouldnt be possible without your help learning

    2. FinnTheMember


      Aww thanks man ! We tried to enjoy together but you were always good at every tier *jealos* haha , u deserved that , Champ !! :)

  14. North pole: Hyper potion, King´s Rock
  15. can a Liechi berry get the attack even higher after using a belly drum?