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  1. In your Sprite editing guide, on Step 4, it won't let me change the colors in the palette. Do you know why it's happening? Here's a picture of it: http://i.imgur.com/r8DyTVa.png

  2. Awesome. Glad someone else bumped this aside from me though, because this tutorial is largely still applicable to PokeMMO today.
  3. Can you reupload your standalone HG/SS trainers patch ? (the link is dead)

    1. InnerMobius


      It's on my other laptop which I currently don't have, I may be able to upload it later today however.

  4. I love these patches, I almost did some of my own but was told to hold off because the music engine was getting an update. These are great!   One thing though that I noticed, it would be cooler in the BW patch if the gym leaders had a different battle theme song than the regular trainers.   Here's a video that I made with this and a few other patches. There was a bit of a sound change at one point there, but that's because I was messing with the settings lol, so that's not your fault.   I'm looking forward to the next version of the BW patch!
  5. Follow it better then, if you look through the pages you'll notice other people used it just fine.
  6. [quote name='galaupratama' timestamp='1366251181' post='293004'] [size=4]I'm using NSE 2.0 and [/size][size=4]I'm having a problem importing the RGB file into the ROM. The color of the sprite goes wrong, it's messed up like inverted color, and also, I don't have backsprite on NSE 2.0? I downloaded the NSE from the link you gave in page 1 [/size] Thank you for the detailed tutorial sir, it's really helpful [/quote] My tutorial doesn't use the RGB file method. You may want to read it again lol... and this was specifically for PokeMMO, so if
  7. Bumping for relevance, this tutorial still works for graphics editing.
  8. Yeah, I've gotta say man, it turned out epic looking even without the NPCs being changed... maybe leave them but change the in-battle ones? -shrug-
  9. I suggest all supporters of this mod also support this thread, as it greatly has to do with game customization(Including the fact that even with the 8-bit patch, players will not be 8-bit anymore because of the character customizer): https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/10942-let-us-use-red/
  10. I've sent the minis patch, good luck! Hopefully we can figure out a workaround of this new character creation system...
  11. Yeah, the HG/SS rom only updates in-battle pokemon and the pokemon that follow you (and the battle scene I think) but I already have a patch out that gives you the option to fight HGSS trainers. :)
  12. That would have nothing to do with it. It will still be trying to run the Fire Red rom through java, the arrangement of the pixels won't have any impact on the performance of your PC in this case.
  13. You're probably going to have to manually shrink the sprites, I've been doing that for the Heart Gold and Soul Silver trainers to make them fit into Fire Red. Just make them short enough to fit inside the box :) Like this.
  14. Just confirming for those who were waiting for an update: Female backsprite changes are now completely compatible with PokeMMO.
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