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  1. e ae risa, tu vai jogar o 1 jogo?

    1. Risadex


      Vai ser quando? De hj a sábado vai ser dificil

    2. jhonathanvcc


      passa seu zap, colocar vc no grupo pra gente conversar

    3. Risadex


      Vo mandar por pm

  2. Community Combat OU #26 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place JhowCrazy 


    https://pokemmo.eu/tournament/?id=318 para la pag del team



  3. Hey , en el TT , has no limit of players per team in the inscription?

    1. Tyrone


      No, as long as the player has the same team tag during the tournament anyone can play

  4. also is a good idea to solve the problem
  5. any subject that we talk, have contrary opinions, but you must decide what it is done in the game with the people to have a more pleasing result and acceptable to people. I believe most people would like a filter in the Pokedex NU , could have a vote to decide what it is best for everyone.I just created this topic to try to help solve this problem and see what people think the subject matter. if you help most people the game will have a much better progress. I'm not here to argue with anyone, just want a solution to this problem, and that which is done is best for all. a list of Pokémon ultilizaveis NU as you said, I think it would be good
  6. how good or bad is a pokemon is questionable, you are right, but has many Pokemon that the possibility of use is zero, you ever seen someone use a Caterpie in a official tournament? this is not questionable , it's a truth. the day I see a Caterpie win a tournament, I change opinion
  7. there are 280 Pokemon in the NU list, I guarantee to you that at least half that have never been used in a serious game, by any person , the main goal is not to say what should or should not be used, but to show people what it is more ultilizado this tier, and have a better organization
  8. I understand you, but that '' filter '', could be changed if if we see that some pokemon has the potential to be used, I do not see any problem with that other tiers' 'OU / UU' '', are always changed.
  9. a filter does not prevent people from using what is below the list, and it would help a lot because we could get a better sense of really useful pokes in tier NU and and analyze best in order to create good strategies. (sorry for the English mistakes, I'm using google translator) there are some Pokémon that under no circumstances be used , and many
  10. hello, I created this topic to say that you should filter the Pokemons NU (NeverUsed) in pokedex, it is a mess, should be on the list only Pokemon that can be used in battle, there are many Pokemon in the NU list pokedex that are not pokemons 'Competitive', for example: BULBASAUR, IVYSAUR , CHARMANDER , RATATA , WEEDLE , CATERPIE , NIDORAM, ZUBAT , MANKEY , GROWLITHE , and many others .... as I believe you will not do it, I even did the Pokemon Never Used list to make life easier for you and to help all. Pokémons Never Used PokeMMO PIDGEOT ,RATICATE , FEAROW , ARBOK , RAICHU , SANDSLASH , NIDOQUEEN , WYGGLYTUFF , PARASECT , VENOMOTH , DIGLET, PERSIAN , GOLDUCK ,PRIMEAP , POLIWRATH , KADABRA , MACHOKE , VICTREEBEL , GOLEM , RAPIDASH , FARFETCH'D , DEWGONG , MUK , HYPNO KINGLER , ELECTRODE , HITMONCHAN , LICKITUNG , TANGELA, SEADRA , MR.MIME , SCYTHER , JYNX , MAGMAR , PINSIR FLAREON , KABUTOPS , DRAGONAIR , NOCTOWL , ARIADOS , TOGETIC , XATU , BELLOSSOM , SUDOWOODO , POLITEOD, JUMPLUFF YANMA , MURKROW , MISDREAVOUS , GIRAFARIG , DUNSPANCE , GRANBULL , SHUCKLE , MAGCARGO, PILOSWINE ,OCTILLERY, MANTINE STANTLER , SMEARGLE , MIGHTYENA , SHIFTRY, PELIPPER , VIGOROTH , NINJASK , SHEDINJA , EXPLOUD , NOSEPASS , SABLEYE MAWILE , AGGRON , ROSELIA , SWALOT , SHARPEDO , WAILORD , CAMERUPT ,TORKOAL GRUMPIG ,TRAPINCH ,CACTURN SEVIPER , LUNATONE , SOLROCK ,WISHCASH , CLAYDOL ,KECLEON , BANETTE , TROPIUS , WYNAUT , GLALIE , WALREIN HUNTAIL , GOREBYSS , RELICANTH , SHELGON , METANG. (94 NU Competitive ) seems a lot, but now has 94, 280 had before, if it already is a bit confusing, imagine how it was before. Thank you for your attention, and I hope that this problem is resolved.
  11. Knock off not is Red shard !
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