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  1. Nice bro, Can you put this below the signature?
  2. Is fine, but I think the Border could be whole of a single color, maybe dark blue
  3. I would like to write: [ World Cup 2017 Champions Team Brazil ] In the banner can have a design or texture of brazil in the background. Could you give me that banner?
  4. - Template 1 - Name: JhowCrazy Team: Aw Render: left < Mario and right > Donkey Kong (The DK needs to get bigger than Mario) Text color: Red or Yellow Stain color: Red Donation: 50k Images below!
  5. Do you also create banners like these?
  6. What program do you use to make these signatures?
  7. JhowCrazy , Black and Purple , Aerodactyl
  8. Thank you so much, I would like to ask for one more, may I?
  9. Choice of two colors: black and blue Name: JhowCrazy Team (Optional): Aw Render: Gyarados
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