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  1. The point is, no one was warned that the boss would stop working before the event was over, that was the problem.
  2. Well... the title is simple... Why did the halloween event end on the 4th instead of the 5th? In the halloween news post it said clearly that the halloween event would end on the 5th, not the 4th, or is my game bugged and the event is not working just for me? Many people have been harmed by being caught off guard, especially for those who spent money on special candy to kill.
  3. I don't know if only in my pokemmo the gyms sprites and elitefour overworld sprites are the old ones... The suggestions is simple, update them :3 Wait, Anyone can move to Suggestions, I made a mistake...
  4. He is not buffed, only he had is an adjustment for cookies and the whiter stats and greedy gulp
  5. Seriously, I only get Garbage .-.
  6. My personal opinion is the same since 2015. There are still many things left for the pokemmo itself. After you finish the story mode, or you dive into the competitive mode, or simply wait for another region. Well... sinnoh is comming... :3
  7. Value of ground elfbot outfit?
  8. The story mode of the game is already easy in itself. It's just a matter of strategy in every gym and elite four, now to talk about how hard it is.... is a lack of common sense. Come on, its not hard :V
  9. This feature is really needed ingame. And will be with no negative effects I think.
  10. No :v I'm really starting to think this idea really isn't viable. Only because you talked that. It's not impossible... but... Now I fear people will only ctrl+c ctrl+v on this, or even trolling this possible feature. Why i'm talking about trolling something? Because of the forum, we can't vote negatively because of trolls. For now I'm only think about a event involving the idea that I commented above. Mabye I will post it on the "Event Suggestions & Feedback" with really strict rules.
  11. You mean... separate the two ideas in two suggestions? I talked a little about that in the post too...
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