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  1. NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. That's not what this suggestion was made for, I just gave the comment to relearn a move as an unfavorable situation compared to relearning a move.
  3. Wait... what?! Well...only for aesthetic mabye... but we have ammesia brace for an easier way to do this... (I don't know much about it)
  4. That's what i'm talking about, it's so much easier to do that way. Relearning a move by reducing and evolving the level again would be bizarre and not practical at all. That's one thing I really agree with, I myself had no idea that this was shown on the trainer card for example. The only place I saw was a message from the gym leader himself and the forum, This would give a good suggestion to the forum, you could write about it sometime :3 But that doesn't answer the fact that if you went to another region to train a pokemon to facilitate the run and end up training that pokemon too much, it will be an absolute waste of time, and make the person retrain another pokemon just to continue this run, this warning would only be given when you try to go to another region if you enter, not in the middle of a level training for example, it might be interesting for the player to have the option to lock the pokemon training, preventing him from gaining exp and evs, but I think I'm exaggerating. I literally talked about it only for an example, not because it's a necessary thing, now tell me how I could evolve a pokemon already at level 100... Exactly, there is no way in the game that you could evolve this, the pokemon will be stuck in their form and will not evolve anymore, I would like to quote another suggestion here in this post that I found very interesting specifically for that situation.
  5. That's not ignorance talk the level cap on the every region is different. New players can make a mistake about it since kanto, hoenn, unova, and in the future sinnoh, will have different level cap for every gym. It is not so rare to occur these cases, it's more common what you think, and this information is not shown in the game. Only on an older post on the forum. This is completely avoided if it is inserted it into the game correctly and at a price equal or higher than a rare candy. No one would use these candys to relearn moves as it is totally more easier to use heart stone or big mushroom, I don't imagine that anyone would spend a lot of money reducing the level just to learn a move, it is cheaper and more practical to learn moves from tutors. A example: I have an "Lv.52 Eevee" and i need to put "Double-Edge" on him, the level he learns it is "Lv.37". I will need "16x Reverse candys" to reduce the level of my pokemon to 36 and level up again to 37 to re-learn that move. Let's price "20k" for each candy in gtl as an example. No one will spend "320k" only for learn a move again. I only talked about it because... mabye there are people who really care about the actual pokemon level just for aesthetics, so I commented on reducing a pokemon's level to level 50 with the candy.
  6. A little candy from brazil :v
  7. The suggestion is simple, a candy literally with the effect opposite of the rare candy, that consumable will remove -1 level from the pokemon that eats it. I have seen cases where the player evolves the poke in another region but because of the level differences in each region, you can no longer use it to continue the story mode because the level has just passed the limit available at that time forcing the player to evolve a pokemon all over again. Or simply maybe trainers want to leave their pokemon at a specific level (Level 50 mabye :v) or even remove a pokemon level to make it evolve (a charmander lv 100 can't evolve for example) I know this would open a gap for a pokemon to relearn a certain move again, but it would be extremely disadvantageous to take too many levels out of a pokemon just to relearn an attack, since rare candys are in a high price range, these reverse candys would be the same rarity like normal rare candy.
  8. Well, that's really simple, when we click on the option for "LOWEST PRICE/HIGHEST PRICE", make the older GTL listing appear first when prices are the same, this would greatly help to not expire listing of pokemons and items in gtl.
  9. I support +3pp on it. Mabye an ocarina too with limited uses.
  10. I believe jhoto will come after sinnoh as an update in kanto, because the games from generation 6 onwards are fully 3D, not sprites...
  11. I like the idea of minigames on pokemmo, I will really like to remove my stress on it :3
  12. Wait... what is "SRIF" kkk It's not from pokemmo? o.O
  13. I'm not sure if this post would go to vanity thread ... however... They need to do a motorcycle update first, you don't feel it in the game because of the bike sounds and the bike animations on a motorcycle, that makes no sense. Now imagine making a flying broomstick for example... you will have pedaling animation and listening a bicycle noise... well... will be the same if they don't update their bikes.
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