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  1. Any screenshots?What is this?  
  2. Hey thank you its is pretty nice ^^
  3. Is this the first one? I heard of one Ot jack..something and sold for 1m bc noob :( 
  4. You ppl are asking the STAFF too nicely <3<3  :wub:   the grind is insane true not worth wasting time.
  5. Nvm it was at the Power Plant i went to hunt to bond bridge after doing power plant so sry got confused
  6. Really nice but it might still get abused by alts maybe?
  7. Thank you i wanted to check this guide from a long time but did't had time ontill now xd
  8. GarchompShiny


    Welcome dude glad to see new players
  9. xP Welcome to the best Pokemon Game Online Enjoy your time playing.
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