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  1. Some french ask me, "Why didn't you release the items description town & other in french ?" her is the answer <3 Special notes to the f****** noobies of Dj0Nekst of Youtube ak NekstTV In games. Just for the fun this is a pics of the scam. :D So Yeah, i didn't release my items patch at the public blame this random for the scam and for the delete of my advertisement on Youtube. (Other nice joke, this guy like her proper videos !) U can blame it if you want, it's not my problem, yeah i dislike the scam see my proper quote below. Other notes : if you post for put "Oh why did u rage ?!" no need to post for it, it's just the answer of a in game question. Good Game Youtube seriously...
  2. @Shadanto : In all move /game / in real life / sport or other, your need a time for know how it works, for apply an IPS too, it's not a problem at all if you need a tutorial for this. If it's usefull it's good for me ! @GringoBandito : No problem, Thanks for the reply, if the patch is helpful for you it's great. (I doesn't have made this patch for ghost people yeah ! Teh heh)
  3. @AstroSpud : I use a custom tools (I'm on Linux at 99% of my time) but windows have a great alternative for this (http://www.mediafire...wa51v5hdah1m1bo). Yape (Yet Another Pokemon Editor created by Silver314) can translate the name of the Pokemon. A-Tack (I don't know who is the creator of this tools, if someone know this) can translate the move (11 letters maximum per move of course). For make the IPS use LunarIPS too this software can make a patch or apply a ips.
  4. Ok, thanks for the answer Darkshade. And yes it's the utilities of this IPS for the french with a low level on english ! Thanks for your reply. @Shadanto : For install > Download LunarIPS and the IPS. Pour installer > Télécharger LunarIPS et le fichier IPS. Make a backup of your rom Fire Red (If you want use the english move/name in the futur.) personnaly i Zip / Rar my rom clean but you can copy it into a other folder . Faite une copy de votre version Fire Red si par la suite vous voulez ré-utilisez les nom anglais/move anglais. Personnellement je Zip ma rom clean mais vous pouvez la copier dans un autre dossiers.
  5. Hello, Before all, i have read the rules (http://forums.pokemm...-gameforumsirc/) and i doesn't have seen a rules on the roms for translate, so if the GM/Staff doesn't like this, just delete the topic :) This post is just for publish a little IPS for translate the move / name of the pokemon, see the pics below. (Sorry for the size of the pics, it's my native resolution, i doesn't have disable the hook of my media players for know what music i listen at this time :lol: ) If some people can't see the pics, just drop a message. Sorry for the watermark, but i dislike the scams of some pkmn forum >_>, Feel free to share but leave the original url of the post / credit. Only 3 Hours for make this patch, i have tested it on my account on Fatal Encounter (High Herb) / Trainer, and i doesn't have seen any bug for the moment. If you see a bug, just ask if it's possible or not to fix it) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- French Version. Bonjour. Ce poste est juste pour publier un petit IPS pour traduire les noms des pokémons / compétences. (Désolé pour la taille de la capture d'écran, c'est ma résolution native. J'ai aussi oublier de désactiver le hook de mon lecteur média qui me dit quel musique j'écoute quand je joue :lol: ) Si certaine personne ne peuvent voir la photo, laissez une commentaire que je l'héberge ailleurs. Désolé pour la watermark, mais je déteste certain forum de pokémon qui scam & fond passer le taf pour le leur >_>. Vous pouvez le partager avec vos ami(e)s mais laisser un lien du post original / crédit. Seulement 3 heures pour créer ce patch. Je l'ai tester dans les hautes herbes & contre quelque dresseurs, aucun bug trouver pour le moment (normalement y en aura pas mais ne sais t'on jamais). Si vous trouvez un bug, n'hésitez pas à demander si il est possible à fix. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lunar IPS : http://fusoya.eludev...ility.org/lips/ Direct Link http://fusoya.eludevisibility.org/lips/download/lips102.zip IPS Patch : http://www.mirrorcre..._Name.ips_links IPS Patch Mirror : http://www.mediafire...85l2bozdyb28uff (Some people ask mediafire link IG) CRC Rom Before Patch : DD88761C CRC IPS : 3C3D65E2 CRC After Patch : 1AA7ADB6 (This patch is compatible with other ips like moemon / Updated Graphics Patch. No pointer change just a rewrite of the official slot) (Ce patch est compatible avec d'autre ips type moemon / Patch d'update graphics. Aucun pointer de la rom changer, juste une réécriture des offsets actuel.) 7 October : Add a mirror link of the IPS on Mediafire

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