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  1. all latinoamrricans are banned #noracist
  2. ufc pay mark hunt for lossing whit brock lesnar
  3. hablabas español jaja

    1. MadPikachu


      sii aprendi espanol por ti *-* <3

  4. wow update please the theme is nice
  5. destroy yugi moto

  6. [quote name="slidingpanda" post="1227708" timestamp="1456599849" date="Today, 02:04 PM"] As I said the links posted let you directly download the theme files. I don't know what else can I do to help you : ([/quote] I click and a blank window with no load bitly direction and that is the problem then please upload it to another that is not a direct link and not charge me open. it is and not charge [url="http://bit.ly/spheal-dark-plain-2_0_1"]http://bit.ly/spheal-dark-plain-2_0_1[/url]
  7. yeah , sorry i havening another problem xD
  8. hey update theme plis have problem cant login
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