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  2. >using a Stunfisk as a bathmat or slippers

    1. Misfire33


      >using coffee grounds as lube

  3. "Hitmonlee is clearly based on a fighting uguuroach."

  4.   >implying [clutches chest]   Welcome. I think you have good taste in Pokemon. Your forum username is maybe different story comrade, unsure if I'm on Myspace 10 years ago right now with all dat Xs and numbers.
  5. WTS sense of humor

    1. Misfire33


      Aight, I got some of those extra "u"s we have in Canada just lying around. Then you can make your humor humour, which is less funny and more geared towards people who live in log cabins with seven bear cubs and a clapped-out Subaru. You wanna trade?

    2. PoochieHead


      WTS sense of humor. CO: some of those extra Us they have in Canada just lying around. Bidding ends soon.

  6. Simply put, we must go lewder.

  7. >staff actually arguing against this   Help, oppression! Seriously though, and this is directed to anyone: am I wrong to say that Ditto, in all its omnipresent systemic overuse as a mechanic, could maybe stand to see a more decentralized breeding system? Genderless Pokemon may be less common, but anyone who has a useful genderless in his or her PC stands to benefit at the expense of... what, exactly? Ditto? I'm okay with that, and I think you should be too. All I'm saying is there's good design, and then there's "The breeding system still allows you to manipulate genderless species,
  8. I'm like "Hey, what's up, helloooo"
  9. I had a feeling you'd say that. Here you go.
  10. Or you could make this really simple and just say you want O-Powers.
  11. There's nothing wrong with the idea, I just think there are (as you said) more useful ideas out there. But as long as this isn't a priority I don't see the harm in it happening somewhere along the line. The bank stuff, on the other hand, sounds a little ridiculous to me. Interest? Really?
  12. But soft! what grease through yonder fryer breaks? It is the spud, and Luna is the fry.
  13. I could probably count your chromosomes with one hand.

  14.   Going forward, if someone plans on using the term tl;dr, I'd rather he or she doesn't post in my suggestions at all.
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