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  1. just saying I see more than one point of view and know what a gamer wants and a non gamer wants. I have played enough video games to know that too much change can upset alot of people
  2. what happened to teaching people how to play in a guild type team and sometimes people dont want to have to play competitive maybe thier endgame is goofing off or replaying the story or feeling like a badass or showing of their items or just getting through the story to learn how to do endgame from others and not forced to play a high end game mode. I mean sometimes people want to be able to join a team and make money as their end game after they completed the story and finish leveling and catching Pokemon. Maybe learn to breed if they feel like it. Imean being forced to do something or redo something sometimes isn't always the best way to teach someone how to play. I mean they are going to get angry agitated at losing and playing the damn story and how npcs kill their Pokemon and having to go back and forth to heal thier stupid ass Pokemon that has died wasting time for completing the story and focusing on what they realm want to do instead of playing for extra hours or days on story mode. Noobs do exist in every game you don't just beef a game and make it unbeetable some people are incapable of learning some things. I mean i can do it but I doubt half of the people playing can in any way at all and get tired of the game before even the real stuff starts its the stress from playing something you are not prepared for. I for one would rather play a dungeon version that's harder but not try to train people for it I mean people will get better sooner when they are having fun.
  3. hey can you lead me to staff area where i can apply for staff work

  4. kyu where do I apply to be volunteer staff at?

  5. nvm about that do you know where I could become a gamemaster since I'm always playing pokemmo on my account and my other account.

  6. can I get an ot shiny for my lose of millions lost or a u know shiny atleast can be any kind be even crappy too. Its about when I lost my Pokemon and shiny I bought when you punished the dude also thanks for the help.

  7. edit out my words please

  8. yolo for life literally :D

  9. gengar and salamance is a must to have in your party for instant Ko attacks make sure you add fly to sally and gigadrain to gengar also one last Pokemon for elite four is a tanky Pokemon and if you don't have any leveled and skill you to beat e4 and 2 battles afterwards then use lots of hyperpotions revives max revives and status eliminates and last thing don't put your best Pokemon on the number 6 slot or you will be switching out on the champion guy called N and his father because you fight them both and the legendary Pokemon takes the number 6 slot.
  10. kyu you're game might get shutdown by gamefreak or nintindo because they are assholes that ruin everything just saying be careful......

    1. Kyu


      thanks I will be careful

  11. send me all your pokeyen

  12. so how is the bus in you?

  13. hey Santa kyu got a present for me for Christmas?

  14. MasterJSB


    random event that is random it would be replaced back to what it was when ita done with the random event well I bet they are not skilled when it comes to generating random program for random effects of an item making it a day hard or easy to catch pokes like the ball could Ko a poke put it to sleep catch it master ball catch it turn into bait have a random generates effect that has a catchphrase or some type of hidden messages. Or something like a clue to a location for something like a quest or a prize you know how that rng engine plays out lmao
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