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  1. Welcome back to game ! :)

  2. I want to write here ! Hello :)

  3. So that I can spam multiple tabs :3 But even if they don't add a new tab all together, a few more characters on the information tab would be great too
  4. My Character : Lugia Size : Default My background : Stormy Animated : Yes Border : Yes My Text : [VCO] ~EeveeEcho~ (if you can do it in blue or silver that'd be great but whatever you think works) My note : You've done some really beautiful work <3
  5. Echo, i'm going to be stalking you with the follow button

    1. Tomome


      Yay more stalkers :D

    2. ragstal
  6. Character: shiny mew and eevee Name: EeveeEcho Donation: 100k
  7. Tomome

    Forum Clock

    Yes I still see some that do that
  8. Tomome

    Forum Clock

    I don't know if this was brought up before but I'm just wondering if maybe there can be a clock on the forums in one of the common event timezones (for eg BST). This is because even when we convert an event time, sometimes it's off by a few mins on our computer. Like for example, if an event is gonna start at 5 pm BST and you need to register 10 mins before, with a forum clock you can see if it's actually the right time to post rather than relying on your computer clock which may be 3 mins faster.
  9. Template Character: Shiny EeveeName: EeveeEcho Team: [VCO] ViperCorp
  10. to my only fan: 


    1. Tomome



  11. I see you......we all see you.....

  12. *meanwhile as Toshley is stalking me*

    1. Toshley


      *meanwhile as I go on a stalking spree*

  13. Ingame name: EeveeEcho Join Date: Oct 5th,2015; original character(Tomome) was April I think Hours played: 1100+ Screenshot of your character:  (old me)    (new me with senpai <3) Picture of yourself [Optional]: one day maybe Country where you live: Jamaica The theme tune to a movie about your life would be:[media] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BnF9rITAhRc[/media] Your autobiography would be called: The Never Ending Hunt for the Silver Fox ~ Current occupation: Biology/Chemistry student  Sweet or Salt Popcorn: yum salty Your super hero power would be: teleportation making random objects on my mind from thin air Favourite and Least Favourite Pokemon: eevee of course <3......metagross and that garbage thing for least fave ._. Favourite Movie: Deadpool so far Your favourite TV show as a kid was: either pokemon or courage the cowardly dog  Last meal you ate was: the souls of 9001 magikarp........i mean curry chicken.....
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