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  1. So dissapointed you forgot ExpertWinston. Best staff ever.
  2. I miss you too :(
  3. No that's for @Tranzmaster
  4. I know you guys have a statue of me in staffland.
  5. Mfw you guys forget me :(
  6. Rulana

    Music General Thread

  7. Rulana

    Music General Thread

    Now I regret my life choices.
  8. Rulana

    Music General Thread

    This is all on you
  9. Rulana

    Music General Thread

    u noob
  10. Rulana

    must be update hype

    new fone who dis
  11. Rulana

    must be update hype

    If you could make it happen before I have work, pls thanks :(
  12. Rulana

    That client...

    Is dope omg <3
  13. 420 content count, reported for drug references.

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      What even is your avatar

    3. Rulana
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      OH I see it now, I was having a hard time seeing where its face was.


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