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  1. must be update hype

    new fone who dis
  2. must be update hype

    If you could make it happen before I have work, pls thanks :(
  3. That client...

    Is dope omg <3
  4. 420 content count, reported for drug references.

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    2. Munya


      What even is your avatar

    3. Rulana
    4. Munya


      OH I see it now, I was having a hard time seeing where its face was.

  5. Who do you think you are coming around here without a green name

  6. BuT I hAVe tWo sCrEEns
  7. Are you drinking coffee?  I'll have you know drinking coffee from certified bird safe vendors is a great way to help birds live, so drink it.

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    2. Rulana



    3. Munya


      RacheLucario is indeed a bully

    4. Berd


      We're Berdies, not bullies.

  8. You are my special gurl.
  9. @Noad and @RacheLucario balance it out. Girlpower > you plebs. You're still bad.
  10. Better than in a team with you.
  11. Votings are closed. Get your facts straight. Still the best guy tho.

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