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  1. shiny icons arent supported by PokeMMO as far as i know
  2. its funny that you picked koffing, hes immune to ground because of levitate
  3. Hello, they changed their systems, because of this my mod broke, i can change it to be corrrect for pokemon with a pokexdex number below 386 but i didnt make sprites for unova pokemon yet so you might check other threads which are up to date :)
  4. noticed that too, i have their icons ready to go but i dont have a clue how to implement them, maybe a mod knows how, if its possible at all, ill message one
  5. btw (forgot to say that in my PM) i fixed a few gifs with an online gif editor, maybe some of them have an api you can use. :D if you can wait until weekend i can fetch the sprites and name them for you
  6. Also got 2, that Mei skin twice ...
  7. someone want to trade rowlet/popplio for litten or other shit?
  8. someone got rowlet and can breed one for me? :D
  9. not dat feel, greetings form germany ;(
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