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  1. I agree with you, I think they can put legendary pokemons as banned list in tournaments and competitive play. so you can't join matches if you have legendary pokemon in your list. and for rarity they can make it very hard to obtain and low chance like you must defeat the elite 4 in special match , you only have 1 try per a wk and the match must be without consumables etc... for every region will have to use its pokemons can't use other pokemons for it , maybe they are not tradable , there are many idea's can be discussed how to let us have legendarily
  2. ye i understand what u saying now, i cant select stuff from the bag properly with joystick and I can't open settings without using a mouse. in the bag you can highlight the item but click use will have to be done with touch :/ and if its on andriod TV will have to use the mouse
  3. what gamepad you are trying to use ? and what OS + which android device ? for me I use nvidia shiled Tablet K1 and it have built in maping app that i can use with any joystick to map any button anything on the touch screen so it works perfectly fine, i use the oficial nvidia joystick however if you dont have nvidia shield you can use apps that available in google store for that and if u didn't find any there am pretty sure you can download apk of one of these chinese apps that comes on the andriod handheld that allows you to map touch screens to buttons and do that to your joystick.
  4. It seems like it :) but I noticed the game itself god visual improvements and it have good anti aliasing so I don't think we need the mod anymore
  5. Can't wait to see the entire pokedex like that XD
  6. <3 it and thank you for the awesome mod. to let you know XD am a guy who play the game 1 day without mods ( to get my retro urges satisfied ) then next day i play it with tons of mods XD to enjoy 2D awesome pokemon effects etc.. and this will be added to my list
  7. try using postimage.org or just share google drive :3 am waiting to see pics
  8. O.o ... !!! wow man . I am surprised , that was quick. umm anyway XD I didn't do anything I was just trying to think of how they might improve the graphics in future. its thanks to u , u did all the work [MOD] HD Maps Vs normal pokemmo :D example: Download full Quality [ screen shot showing the difference] :) it does look better, so with few more other mods I get the game look better
  9. it is old post. but I have been googling for a while to find a way to play pokememmo on smart devices. option #1 root a device and get linux (but might have performance issue's) option #2 wait for their release (it is already 2015, I just hope they didnt cancel the idea) now my suggestions: 1- the option to make the keys dispensary because some ppl have android controllers 2- the ability to change transparency level on the touch keys . so they don't block view completely or take space from the small screens like phones 3- have in settings the key mapping ability / controller mode. like u can find in android emulators I am planning to buy Nvidia shield tablet. and hopefully by that time they get this released. otherwise will have to try to get linus on the tablet and install pokemmo linux client 
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