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  1. hm? 1st holding macho brace, 2nd holding exp share, 1st gets doubled EV, 2nd gets 1x EV
  2. doesnt work with macho brace i think
  3. yea bump for update :D what is your way to get much money? is getting shards still a thing? i did hunt and sell everytones/shards a long time ago, dont know if its the best way now.
  4. how do you know how many encouters you have, did you count them Kappa?
  5.   why are you including "Sacred Fire" in here? there a no pokemon learning this move or? maybe not now.. :D       still? :o
  6. no, but you could choose the box already in i.e. Gen 1 pokemon   [url=http://abload.de/image.php?img=84f8532729cc3ac7fb738gbua8.png][/url]   thats from pokemon crystal Gen2, you can choose the box and the pokemon will go there once you catch them, till the box is full currently activated is box 5
  7. I don't know if this has already been suggested, but i'd like to be able to choose a number where the pokemon i catch go to   NOW: caught pokemon fill box 1 first till they go to box 2   THEN: you can choose the box, that you can fill box 5 without have to have other 1-4 boxes filled, like in original pokemon
  8. is it possible that corsola only arrives there at day? didnt find any at night...and on all other locations only at day
  9. i need some help...i just caught a Bagon   30/31/x/x/31/27   i WOULD keep it, but i wanna give him eggmove dragon dance..how can i go further without destroying those stats? maybe i didnt understand it 100%   what if i have this bagon (HP 30) and the other parent (HP 28), will HP be almost safe 29? the average? or is this the -8+3 thing?   EDIT: got the answer ingame, ty
  10. are hidden abilities implemented now ?
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