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  1. I kept BAIL alive for you on my alt, also welcome back I missed you


    no uguu

    1. G0dPower


      I missed you too homie. do you still get on teamspeak or are you into the whole discord thing. I wanna hear your smoker voice

    2. Tranzmaster


      Pokemmo teamspeak doesn't exist anymore since a few weeks now. got shut down. But yea i'm on discord

  2. whats up, OG

    1. Goldeneyes
    2. G0dPower


      could you possibly come up with a more uninspired greeting

    3. Goldeneyes


      Only by asking you for advice.

  3. Like yeah, you're the reason most of us keep on living.
  4. left when he switched out his altaria with like 15% hp and you had rocks up. How'd he recover from that
  5. opisauguuopisauguuopisauguuopisauguuopisauguuopisauguuopisauguuopisauguuopisauguuopisauguuopisauguuopisauguuopisauguuopisauguu He'll respond if he isn't
  6. gg spaint http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen3ou-242631649
  7. http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-gen3ou-242631649
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