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  1. So since Sinnoh might come soon, and assuming before Easter(yeah i know...), we could have an egg hunt event? Something like Buneary drops/holds colorful egg, collect a few, give to npc, npc gives gift bag... done Boss could be a Lopunny on steroids or a white bunny on steroids(kind of like pumpking) that's it... have a good day
  2. I guess a Grinch mask or outfit in the Gift Shop would fit well this year. Christmas cancelled :P
  3. Great job! Sawsbuck winter sprite does not follow. If you could add that one would be great Thanks for the mod
  4. player can still play pvp even if he doesn't know what the pokemon is capable of. just means that the player will first lose, then he learns somethings, gets better, get back again to pvp, wins. i think it's a better way to learn things instead of the game telling you what to do. you are less likely to make a mistake is someone tells you what to do... this doesn't prevent the player to make other mistakes but it sure helps him a lot. it takes away a mistake that can make a difference between winning and losing pretty much what he said there
  5. "i'm going to use this electric type on this water type poke... oh wait! it's immune to electric. better switch poke" keeps the poke, prevents them to lose it or "i'm going to beat you by using my electric move! CRAP! it's immune!" loses the poke In a PVP this can make a difference between winning and losing(i don't play PvP but i do feel that it can make the difference). Specially if the players don't know the poke. And in PVE it takes away a bit of the challenging... something you guys worked for... plus they might not need to buy revives and potions since there's a less change of them losing the poke... but anyway i might be wrong on this
  6. I'm a casual player. Never played PVP. I already knew a few things about pokemon, like which pokes are effective against what... I understand how things can be frustrating for the new players, and the players that never played pokemon before. It will take them more time, than it was before, to understand how things work. But it is wrong to say that players need comp. pokes and super mega items to boost your moves, and EV training to beat the story. Again some items(to boost some type or moves) are free in the story some npc will give them to you or you find them in the wild... but you can use pokeyen to buy them if you like(this is not pay to win since you don't use real money) I'm not going to say here how everyone should play the game. But you need to learn that even your favorite poke will have a weakness and won't be effective against certain types. that being said you will have to find, and catch a poke that will help you against gyms and e4s. Even before the update you had a certain level cap... which means that you couldn't use certain level pokes because you didn't have the badge for it(like in the original games)... so things are not that different. The thing is now you can't use a level 100 to beat E4 like you used to...
  7. In every gym there's an NPC that tells you which type of poke the Leader uses and even tells you which type of poke is effective against it. This is in any region. I think there's also NPCs that tells you which pokes the E4 uses, if i am correct(?) In the first gym in Unova an NPC will give you a poke to help you beat the First gym. You don't need comp. pokes. Your starter is a 6x15 IVs poke. I wouldn't call that a comp. poke. Every poke that is given to you in the game as a gift is a 6x15(not comp.) You can get free Items in the story that will help you boost your moves.
  8. Source: Bulbapedia Some might not be correct so feel free to change/correct TM01Hone Claws - Dark - Cold Storage, from Zinzolin of the Seven Sages(After E4) TM02Dragon Claw - Dragon - Victory Road TM03Psyshock - Psychic - Giant Chasm(Beat E4 first i think) TM04Calm Mind - Psychic - Relic Castle, from Ryoku of the Seven Sages(After E4) TM05Roar - Normal - Route 10 TM06Toxic - Poison - Route 17 TM07HailIce - Mistralton City Poké Mart TM08Bulk Up - Fighting - Route 14, from Giallo of the Seven Sages(After E4) TM09Venoshock - Poison - Route 15 - Prize for defeating Roxie TM10Hidden Power - Normal - Nuvema Town, from Professor Juniper TM12Taunt - Dark - Victory Road TM13Ice Beam - Ice - Giant Chasm(After E4) TM14Blizzard - Ice - Icirrus City Poké Mart TM15Hyper Beam - Normal - Route 9 Dept. Store TM16Light Screen - Psychic - Nimbasa City TM17Protect - Normal - Nuvema Town, from Professor Juniper TM18Rain Dance - Water - Mistralton City Poké Mart TM19Telekinesis - Psychic - Route 18 TM20Safeguard - Normal - Nimbasa City Poké Mart TM21Frustration - Normal - Nimbasa City Poké Mart TM22 SolarBeam - Grass - Pinwheel Forest(i think you need Surf for this one TM23Smack Down - Rock - Battle Subway TM24Thunderbolt - Electric - P2 Laboratory - you Need Surf Move and Strenght(?) TM25Thunder - Electric - Icirrus City Poké Mart TM26Earthquake - Ground - Relic Castle(After E4 i think) TM27Return - Normal - Nimbasa City Poké Mart TM28Dig - Ground - Route 4 TM29Psychic - Psychic - Route 13(After E4) TM30Shadow Ball - Ghost - Relic Castle(After E4 i think) TM31Brick Break - Fighting - Icirrus City TM32Double Team - Normal - Route 18, from Rood of the Seven Sages(After E4) TM33Reflect - Psychic - Nimbasa City Poké Mart TM34Sludge Wave - Poison - Battle Subway TM35Flamethrower - Fire - Abundant Shrine(After E4) TM36Sludge Bomb - Poison - Route 8 TM37Sandstorm - Rock - Mistralton City Poké Mart TM38Fire Blast - Fire - Icirrus City Poké Mart TM39Rock Tomb - Rock - Desert Resort TM40Aerial Ace - Flying - Mistralton City TM41Torment - Dark - Route 4 TM42Facade - Normal - Route 8 TM43Flame Charge - Fire - Tubeline Bridge TM44Rest - Psychic - Castelia City TM45Attract - Normal - Castelia City TM46Thief - Dark - Wellspring Cave TM47Low Sweep - Fighting - Wellspring Cave TM48Round - Normal - Battle Subway TM49Echoed Voice- Normal - Nimbasa City Musical Hall TM50Overheat - Fire - Route 11N's Castle TM51Ally Switch - Psychic - Battle Subway TM52Focus Blast - Fighting - Wellspring Cave TM53Energy Ball - Grass - Route 12Aspertia City(After E4?) TM54False Swipe - Normal - Nuvema Town, from Professor Juniper(After E4?) TM55Scald - Water - Cold Storage TM56Fling - Dark - Route 9 TM57Charge Beam- Electric - Route 7 TM58Sky Drop - Flying - Mistralton City TM59Incinerate - Fire - Battle Subway TM60Quash - Dark - Battle Subway TM61Will-O-Wisp - Fire - Celestial Tower TM62Acrobatics - Flying - Prize for defeating Skyla TM63Embargo - Dark - Dragonspiral Tower (outside) TM64Explosion - Normal - Battle Subway TM65Shadow Claw - Ghost - Celestial Tower TM66Payback - Dark - Route 16 TM67Retaliate - Normal - Prize for defeating Lenora TM68Giga Impact - Normal - Route 9 Dept. Store TM69Rock Polish - Rock - Chargestone Cave, from Bronius of the Seven Sages(After E4) TM70Flash - Normal - Castelia City TM71Stone Edge- Rock - Challenger's Cave TM72Volt Switch- Electric - Prize for defeating Elesa TM73Thunder Wave- Electric . Nimbasa City Poké Mart TM74Gyro Ball - Steel - Nimbasa City Poké Mart TM75Swords Dance - Normal - Dreamyard, from Gorm of the Seven Sages(After E4) TM76Struggle Bug - Bug - Prize for defeating Burgh TM77Psych Up - Normal - Battle Subway TM78Bulldoze - Ground - Prize for defeating Clay TM79Frost Breath- Ice - Prize for defeating Brycen TM80Rock Slide - Rock - Mistralton Cave TM81X-Scissor- Bug - Route 7 TM82Dragon Tail - Dragon - Prize for defeating Iris TM83Work Up - Normal - Prize for defeating Cilan, Chili, or Cress TM84Poison Jab - Poison - Route 6 TM85Dream Eater - Psychic - Dreamyard Basement(After E4 i think) TM86Grass Knot - Grass - Pinwheel Forest(After E4) TM87Swagger - Normal - Battle Subway TM88Pluck - Flying - Battle Subway TM89U-turn - Bug - Route 13(After E4) ?? TM90Substitute - Normal - Twist Mountain TM91Flash Cannon - Steel - Twist Mountain TM92Trick Room - Psychic - Abundant Shrine(After E4 i think) TM93Wild Charge - Electric - Victory Road TM94Rock Smash - Fighting - Pinwheel Forest TM95Snarl - Dark - Castelia City
  9. I did... Last time i checked you always had problems if your poke was high level and not having enough badges to control it... so what's different now? It kills himself... Who's fault is that? And who's to blame if the player decides to use just one poke? The Devs? Don't think so...
  10. Everyone should play the game as they please... but don't blame the game or the devs if you fail. The game gives you plenty of options(pokemons) to beat the npcs and gym leaders... If you don't like the pokemons well there's nothing the devs can do about that... Maybe start to play it smart and build a nice team. With time you will get to play with your favorite pokes and beat the E4 :)
  11. Well... It's not about being prepared but, like i said, ppl here and there ask questions about the update and the information is all spread out so making a list of what will change could be nice. At least we would all be informed/have the information in one place
  12. Yes. I know that every update comes with a changelog. I ment that, maybe, it wouldn't be a bad idea to make something like that before the update... Anyway it might not make much sense making annoucement before the update :P it would probably make the complains start earlier :P so nevermind
  13. Maybe Devs could make an annoucement with what will change, which region will be available, which pokes won't be available, Items, TMs, Move Tutors, Re-breeding, and so on, before they release the update. And, maybe, the Staff could spam that link in game so that most of the players could read it. It might avoid some of the complains... The changes are all spread out in posts, here and there, would be nice to have all of that in one
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