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  1. i would like to see undead samurai for halloween i wish i could cosplay as ryuma from one piece since there's ninja scarf but it doesnt even cover underneath your neck and your mouth reference: and ice spiritual robe is a thing but is it possible to have half ripped cloth robe? since he's undead and Katana vanity please? instead of katana sitting on your back but i want katana on side ways if its possible for back slots.
  2. shiny miltank? oooo interesting me want blue milk gurl mons
  3. i would like to see something like this
  4. i would like to see this kind outfit for colorable option choice like this one, but i would love to see this add to ingame from the above including this outfit
  5. you would have to talk to those thread for them graphic designer to see this but would i mind use this for that thread and hope devs sees this. edit actually i posted to *my bad if i took a picture
  6. :o i would wear those if they add it to ingame *devs please add this and ill throw my money for this outfit! please* *beg* the one at very bottom i would pay for those outfit and ill throw money for it
  7. like the one from suggestion thread? lich king outfit? groundon outfit? or rayquaza outfit? mimikyu outfit? and so on? new colour able vanities for new design would be cool sure
  8. i would love to see colorable ice spiritual robe plus reaper hood different colour rather than black/red and flaming skull mask too
  9. World of warcraft Warframe Pokemmo Tera online minecraft
  10. thats whole point, but only reason i made thread cause his argument is "why is it untradeable" and i thought same thing but i general i dont even care anymore, i already told my friend "if you getting hat its yours not mine stop worrying about money just enjoy content and if you like pvp you earn it not mine, you dont like hat just dont wear it, if it was tradeable sure have my stupid 200m pokedollar for cat hat" so between me and my friend had argument since yesterday but i don't care im just gonna move on, its not like i would wear it forever, i still have 150 shiny on list i need to catch and find one. can we just move on i already made up my mind, mod please close it.
  11. thats exactly what i told my friends, if you get hat by playing pvp you should be happy and you put all the effort for being better pvp person and you've been engaged pvp for so long, thing is he doesn't care about vanity but to him all he cares is money hoarder nothing since fashion aren't one of his thing, if he get sylveon hat he just wanna sell it and my arguement is why is it untradeable, but i agree i dont deserve being lazy and just get this kind of thing i want, but everything i hear their opinion i shouldn't turn this argument and people who want it i respect that and im not gonna be salty if they have it and i dont, thats fine for me.
  12. i know im not getting i already changed my mind and im moving on period.
  13. XelaKebert thank you for honest opinion explaining for this case i already made up my mind. @suigin im sure that person missing out for such a petty reason, but im not too sure about "good" and "healthy friendship" many of those people are just internet, i general dont trust person deep in my heart even if they dont lie to themself including myself who cant even understand for many reason. everyone else who says "get good" can you atleast explain better why is it good reason instead of being 0head "uhhh get good because you're just salty and dev add it uhhh yea get good is good reason and best explaining" im just ignore you if you cant explain any better than Xelakebert who can explain better. Xela get my likes so i already made up my mind. @paul yea im already crying because im not good enough but do i need advice coming from you? well since you dont even play this game... no thanks but ill steal that shiny magikarp :P @Sethsen i rarely check forums so i dont know if i can get tips from it.
  14. so sylveon hat remain as exclusive just like kyu hat/desu labcoat/e-storm hair/knight helmet? such a snowflake player... *time to delete one of my friends i dont like people who is snowflake person*
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