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  1. Approximately 90k total encounters, donator + shared charm (5%) SRIF :D
  2. Drag files here to attach, or choose files...
  3. What Rys said above, also Hannah did an amazing progress during this WC, I've seen some of her LC matches and every single time she amazed me with her innovative teams, move sets, tactics and predictions plus she is an extraordinary person who trust people. If anyone deserves an Individual prize it's @hannahtaylor <3
  4. If you want to catch a wild dragonair go to dragonspiral tower (Icirrus City, Unova) and use Super Rod.
  5. Thank you very much Hannah, you are invaluable :)
  6. Hey Hannah, I need: 1. Adamant shroomish 31 hp / 31 atk / 30 def / X sp.atk / 30 sp.def / 31 speed no egg moves 2. Modest exeggcute 31 hp / X atk / 30 def / 31 sp.atk / 30 sp.def / 31 speed with moonlight egg move. also as always leave last breeds for me :)
  7. Hannah is the best as usual, thanks again :)
  8. Axellgor vs aftershocker - 250k on Axellgor IGN: magnetozorizor I do not take multiple bets, only 1 bet from whoever will take that bet first.
  9. My 10th OT, aproximately 60~70k encounters, my longest hunt so far, but totally worth it <3 congratz for your shinies guys, peace, love and good luck :)
  10. OU finalonion vs magnetozorizor in 14min
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