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  1. I'll try my best :3 Nice to see that some veterans are still around ^-^
  2. Going through this thread was a trip down memory lane. I remember so many things from back then. The whole Tobii incident, Jumpeon. Man it was a blast, even if some people lost stuff from scammers, Ill never forget how much fun it was. My journey started waaaay back in 2012, where we didn't even have an Elite 4 and just chilled in Viridian or grinded in the Victory Road. I do regret never having spoken up, and usually playing alone by myself, only ever talking in Global when someone asked to trade evolve, as I myself was a victim of a scammer (I wonder who that couldve been cough cough) so I tried to help others not falling victim to other scammers. Most didnt trust me, but there were a bunch and it was always nice to see them happy with their new evolved Pokemon. And hey, I got a new dex entry for free, that was always something. I miss quite a lot of people from back then, and I see that a lot have stopped or outright vanished. I never got a shiny myself nor did I participate in any tournament (heck I still dont have a competitive Pokemon....) but it was just a blast traveling through the region and reading other peoples stories through Global and the threads here in the forums. At some point I started to chat with Emlee and Feravyne, Fera even being so nice to draw my signature for me and refusing to take my exp share (I had enough) after she opened her art shop, as I offered it to her thinking it was unfair for me to get a freebie like that. But she never took it. I stayed somewhat in contact with Emlee and Fera through Skype, however things died down and the last message I had with Emlee is probably already a good 2 years ago. I cant check on Skype anymore as I deleted it and all the chat logs when Discord rolled around. I must say that the game does feel somewhat more.... hollow. Global chat, as much as Im glad its back, having experienced a bit of the time when Global didnt exist, its just not the same anymore as it used to. But as DoubleJ already said, nothing lasts forever. But in a time before the PSS and Festival Plaza from Game Freak, it was one of the best Pokemon experiences Ive had. And Ill cherish the memories I have, even if no one else here remembers me, which is just my own fault for thinking my english wouldn't be good enough and I shouldnt talk much, else Id just embarass myself. For why I stopped PokeMMO back then was mostly just how things changed. At some point we were finally able to breed but the rules for it were just so offputting. I love breeding, its what I do most on my playtime in any Pokemon game since Leafgreen... Sure, its a MMO, so there had to be stuff to make it a bit harder to get the good stuff, but everytime I tried to breed something, I instead just opened my DS or 3ds and breed on there instead. Just in ORAS alone I have had bred over 5000 eggs. (Those are just eevee eggs as I just love to breed these little critters, and then on christmas or eastern wondertrade all of them, giving random players eevees with 5 or 6 31IVs.) Not being able to do the same here just took my interest out of breeding entirely. Well, at least on PokeMMO it took my breeding interests away. On 3ds I was still going strong, helping friends as I had good parents for almost all egg groups and could quickly get my friends the desired Pokemon... And without the competitive side I just didnt have anything to do in PokeMMO anymore, so I stopped. Then I heard Hoenn was finally in the game. But even Hoenn couldnt get my interest back for more than 2 weeks, in which I didnt even complete the Hoenn campaign. I mean, why play Hoenn on PokeMMO when we had an upgraded version? And thanks to the PSS it kind of felt like an MMO, just you couldnt see the other players. Soon PokeMMO fell again into the darker parts of my brain. And then by coincidence someone in a discord talked about PokeMMO again and showed screens with gen 5 Pokemon. Suddenly I was interested in it again, so Im just gonna finish my Hoenn quest and get to Unova and see where things will go. I just know, no matter the updates, no matter what will come next, PokeMMO will just never be the same as it was back with only Kanto, no Elite 4, and people getting scammed by Tobii and asking how to get Jumpeon.... Phew, its gotten longer than I expected. Thanks for reading I guess. And thanks for the trip through old memories.
  3. Woah, Glaceon is in? Thats awesome! I need one :D And yeah, I've been around for a bit ^^'' Well uh thanks for the business card :D I might check your stuff out if I have the time
  4. Thessbmzocker


    Boy.... this isnt really an introduction as Ive been a member since 2012, but phew. Ive been quite inactive the last years. Ive missed out on a lot I see so I thought I might as well just start a new leaf. Hi there, my name is Thessbmzocker, altho Thess or Zocker is what most people call me. I doubt anyone remembers me as I sticked to myself for the most part, only ever really chatting with friends I knew from outside or Fera (who drew that Signature picture and who I lost contact with sadly) and Emlee (who I also lost contact with). So theres really no one left who remembers me at all. Altho I wont release my pokemon or anything, Ill keep those around as some of them have been with me from waaaaay back when the Elite 4 wasnt even implemented yet in the game. Anyway thats all from me :3 Let's see if I can rekindle that fire I had for PokeMMO all those years ago...
  5. Man I was gone for a loong time... but its awesome to see that this project is still existing and updating. The most recent version I had was the 2-1-2013 version Lmao. So yeah, awesome you still update this :)
  6. Happy Birthday dear Fera :) Hope you don't drink too much :D

    1. Fera


      I don't think I'm going to be doing any drinking at all, actually. :P

    2. Thessbmzocker


      That's good too :D Just hope your birthday was nice :)

  7. Finally able to write again :D A broken arm is no fun. Well, the Moemon look really great :D Even the Eeveelutions look awesome :3 and that absol *-* the chocolate one is the best one *.*
  8. That Typhlosion..... I love it *-* I wonder.... will you redo every eeveelution? Anyway they all look great *-* Looking forward to the final and complete patch *-*
  9. @Feravyne I wish i could draw like you . It really looks amazing How should i call my Umbreon? It's male (of course. Sadly female eevees aren't common. Yeah. I like female eevees more than male ones. I just have more female names for the eeveelutions ) Shade, Shadow, Dark and all are good but they are to common. I would like to have an unique one. And my Pikachu(male) and Nidoqueen (obviously ) need a nickname too^^
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