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  1. Looking back at the time I spend lots of time in this game, the things I remember and value the most are the times I hung out, chatted and had fun with friends.   Playing a game is one thing. It can be fun but eventually it will start to get boring, no matter what goals you set. What keeps me coming back is the prospect to have fun with friends, no matter what game I play.
  2.   I've been catching quite a few new pokémon lately and I've never seen a 31 straight ahead. It's always 29-31 best-case-scenario. Should I go with those or does 31 really occur?
  3. How can you be sure a freshly caught pokémon has exactly 31 as a certain IV? I only see stuff like 29-31. Even many levels further it could still display 29-31. Sometimes it even goes back from 31 to 29-31.
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