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  1. @AiShela Thanks for the donation and the request
  2. All the request finished / Todos los pedidos terminados Ask if you want any breed, i still have tons of breeders for use Pregunta si quieren algún pokémon, todavía tengo toneladas de breeders para usar -------------------------------------------------------------------- Now i have set some rules for the shop that help me provide a better service. He puesto algunas reglas para la tienda que me ayudaran a dar un mejor servicio. New style, Spanish translation and all comp/breeders at the list are sold. Nuevo estilo, traducción al español y todos los comp/breeders en la lista están vendidos. -------------------------------------------------------------------- UP!
  3. A better shop! With some prices! And i'm already bussy with 3/5 breeds still In Process since yesterday!! Yeah, i've finished 2 perfect mons already xD I'm still wondering... What are you waiting for to make your request? :)
  4. Guess who's back, back again ♫ I'm back !
  5. Enjoy your sign! [ Saving this space to post yours here @ZackChurch, you may check later ]
  6. Here we go! Hope you love it. @MathewMat Your cover and sig !! Enjoy them, & thanks for your donation as well ~ @Takens This one is yours, I hope you liked it! Thanks!
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