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  1. Game would be dead in exactly one year and new people wouldnt even bother to play. that simple


    but i agree, the farming stuff is annoying and always making me quit, too. I like farming, having the chance to gamble a bit with catching and stuff but its just not worth the ages of time spend on it.


    i get that the economy of this game was never meant to be for mmo's but the farming or lets say asia-mmo-like grinding (if not even worse) is just dumb and i cant imagine that too much new people stay for long once they get in touch with





  2. Gravatar is the requirement. In order to use it you need to go to your profile and click on your profile pic then switch it to using Gravatar and click save.

    That wont change the "whoops" error wich is happening for some domains.


    whoops error will happen if gravatar does not trust the email host, most likely the most wich arent located to us/uk

  3. Hey dudes! I really enjoyed PokeMmo in the Past as i started to notice how long breeding takes.. How much time, gold and grinding it will take to make some comps. This was the Point for me to quit Pokemmo because i simply dont want and cant afford that amount of time just to have some "comp" Battles. 


    So i read about the new Breeding System that the Parents are no longer comsumed and you have to get the right temperature for the eggs. 


    So is it faster now?

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