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  1. I understand and agree that staff should not be in charge of making judgement calls....but what judgement call would a staff member ever have to make if we had a toggle timer option? There would not be any staff involvement. if the two people playing want a timer on then one of them will turn it off. If neither of them want to win by afk then they will keep it on. In these threads we tend to put up so many what ifs and over analyze everything and comment every minute possibility so that we have more ideas to contribute but it really is that simple. Timer toggles can not be abused in any concievable way that is beneficial to the player (other than scamming by saying "ok go to the bathroom" and then switching it on) and beyond that scamming has never been policed in pokemmo so it wouldnt be in that situation either.
  2. What im always terrified of is mailing something to the wrong name and it getting lost in the 5th dimension of pokemmo hell
  3. Ok everyone keeps talking about abusing the timer But im at a loss here How can someone abuse this? Other than wisping its ok i wont turn on timer and then turning it on which with or without a toggle you would lose for leaving your computer so thats not an issue. If your battling you could make your battle last longer....well there is a time limit on the overall battle so... Darkshade i get that your against the timers but you said something about an abusable system vs unabusable but i dont see how either system can be abused. Showdown doesnt seem to have any problems?
  4. Yeah but heres the thing.... Its not an argument to say that someone will bait you into leaving your computer People should have the right to hold you to the time limits set up in the game But this way there is an option if you have lag or need to leave the computer Thats like saying "if we allow people to battle then someone might cheat so lets just not have battling at all" Now thats ridiculous of course but your argument against the suggestion doesnt mean anything. Sorry if that came off rude it just doesnt make any sense
  5. Agreed gilan lol i supported it for the lulz really
  6. I can tell which players have experience lag and which ines have a faster pc based off of the responses XD My biggest issue is when the servers are overloaded my timer will run down while i do not have the option of selecting a move yet....some mercy would be nice As far as people exploiting it.....lets face it some people will exploit any system in some way or another but because this requires mutual compliance and also there could still be an overall battle time limit i do not believe that exploitation will be an issue.
  7. The time starts running before im able to make my move i can guaruantee that...i was watching the time go down while my screen said recovered a little health using leftovers and while battle animations took place and so on... Also normal mode not having a timer isnt helpful considering most friendly tournaments are still prefered at lvl 50 with clauses
  8. why aren't we funding this????? been wanting this for a while...it seems like staff doesn't have time for these smaller requests that are mostly for convenience...I understand that though I imagine they are preoccupied with bigger issues....either way this is a good suggestion
  9. ok you tinfoil wearing hat conspiracy theorists.....there is no such thing as crystal onix!!! but he would look cool.....could do it like mewtwo that way we stay cannon
  10. First off I want to say that I really appreciate all the things that staff do for us. I know that it is a lot of work putting this game together and its impossible to fix every problem or perfect every addition to the game. I want to make a couple of suggestions to improve gameplay. During friendly matches and unofficial tournaments (i.e. not the automated ones) there needs to be a way to keep timed battles from automatically ending the duel. Even in officials there should be the option of showing mercy to a player when they time out. I have had many instances where lag caused me to lose a game.The timer starts counting down before the text has left the screen and before the battle animations so often I will be watching the timer go out on me while I know the move that I want to select. I believe that this will have no negative side effects because even outside of friendly battles there is a time clause for the overall length of the game to prevent abusing it for lengthy battles and because one of my suggestions will allow for the time out to be optional instead of mandatory. 1) We can have a start timer or stop timer button similar to showdown basically if you have a stop timer button you can prevent your opponent from timing out if you want or allow the timer to stay on if you are in a tournament and just want that win at all costs. 2) have the timer start after the text and battle animations have finished for both players This suggestion actually isn't just arbitrary if you implement the first one because it will make the game more fair in tournaments where an opponent might not want to show any mercy.This will also account for lag that players experience during times where the server is pretty full. Baically if you are lagging you often watch the text and battle animations for 5-10 seconds while the timer is running and with our current timer situation its obvious that this will cost you the game. I do not know how hard it would be to code this though because it requires the game to recognize when the animation and text end on your computer, which might be hard to determine when your on two different networks. However; if this is possible I believe that it will make the most fair competitive gameplay possible. 3) this is just a quick suggestion if for some reason the first two are rulled out we can always add in an option to remove the timer when creating a duel. Thanks guys I hope yall can implement this....also rendiz threw up a suggestion about cancelling moves. I think that these suggestions go hand in hand and could be implemented together. The main focus here is fairness and competitiveness but also it would just be nice to have team tournaments where the parties involved do not want to win by default and the game ends abruptly because of lag and time constraints.
  11. No offense but its not like you costantly evolve like say a prompt when ev training would be a problem, so theres no way it would be a nuisance to anyone.....its a good idea :)
  12. You have a team of 3 in this mode so thats not a problem
  13. Nice job!! Turtle gi and everything else looks great Still gonna need that saiyan outfit tho....i can only dress like goku for so long before i feel like a traitot
  14. I need to get my 3ds already then
  15. I wonder if you can still catch mew in the 3ds shop version Also how are they gonna make ivs transfer and natures and all that is it just random...so that your original pokes all have wrong natures lol
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