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  1. Just keep doing $ duels, you'll still get the feeling of winning. [spoiler]AND you'd probably get more out of it too[/spoiler]
  2. I'd like the effectiveness of the macho-brace (which is double the ev's) while still using the Amnesia brace (which gives no exp)   If that makes sense  
  3. Was it? I'm sorry. I should have searched a bit more before i posted it.
  4. Well, I was working on confirming pokemon for a friend of mine, I had noticed that it took a little bit of a while while using the amnesia brace to have them all confirmed. My idea was "upgrading"/ or making an entirely new item, where it worked as a macho brace + amnesia brace so you'd be getting double the ev's with no exp. You could either upgrade your old brace (if you had one) or buy an entirely new one. This may be a bad suggestion, so trash it if you feel the same, but I personally think this would be a good idea.   Pro : More money for you guys   Con : More work.
  5. MICHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLE! I love this background! If its okay with the owner, you should try to make a theme around it, i think it'd be amazing :)
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