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  1. Your post literally should have been x5+ longer if you wanted to honor senile

    he told me that was good enough... sadface

  2. Honestly, Can you name 1 player in this game that can actually beat Senile? Like in a fair match without rng effecting the outcome of the match, There isnt one person place or thing that can touch this man. You should all stop what you are doing right now and ask yourself why the hell you are playing pokemon if you cant match up to man like Senile. Like do you really think you would even get close to winning an official if Senile entered every single one... You are all little boys swinging your little pocket knives at a man who is a black belt in putting uguus in poptart boxes sent to sleep with the fishes. I like to browse the forum at night, looking at you scrubs post about this and that, when you really should be out there practicing because IF senile was to play and just saying IF, he would completely smash you so hard you would look like skin diamond's anus. And I'm just talking about pokemon here, god forbid you dare step into any other game with him for he would prob dominate you in that too. All you little uguu with your damn iphone games and bowls of scrambled eggs can go fuck themselves because honestly you arent going to go anywhere in this game until you can open your eyes and realize that senile is GOAT.

  3. ill pm you who I am since you are leaving.


    goodbye old friend. ;)



    We had are arguments and such, but you know deep down inside you loved me hue. Been a good run homie be sure to hold it down like my fallen kin folk resting in ragu sauce as we speak. you were a nice toaster strudel i cant lie but sometimes all toaster strudels must die. I hope you find what you are looking for, you breadstick.



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