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  1. Look team. We may not be the best at what we do, but god damn we are some good looking motherfuckers. Even if we go out and lose, we can always bag the other team's mom, sister, grandma, hell, brother/dad/grandpa(*cough*Telf*cough*). But when it comes down the the mcgriddle I seen you perform and each one of you guys are amazing at what you do. Who can stop us ? OldKeith ? HA. OrangeShtiac ? HA. I would name more but I dont care enough to know any of the teams tbh. because im not worried about you guys, i dont have to pay attention to know that you guys are out there whooping some grade a, alfredo pasta ass. now can i get a hoo raa ! i said can i get a hoo raa ! and just in case you still doubt yourself, look what happened to the greats, Martin King, Carrot Top, Naruto, all leaders of America, and are you going to sit here and say America is garbage ? Fuck that bro, USA USA USA. No Mexican scrublord is going to stop us. no french toast is going to crunch our team. we run this game. now can i get a HOO RAA !, CAN I GET A HOO RAA !! ?? lets do this for mike brown, lets do this for trayvon, lets do this for baltimore bro. lets do this for craig for fuck sake, hes ugly as hell but he still has the courage to go out and play. lets do it for winslow from catdog for watching over craig during the nights to make sure no one tries to cheat against us by killing him. 2AuWJdx.jpg

    Anime is life, but the weed is always dank, lets take this home.



    - Your real leader, Red.

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