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  1. WestTurtle

    linking to chat

    By pressing on pokemon in party once then pressing on chat icon twice so party was staying on top of the chat. After that u were able to drag pokemon from party to chat tab and link it
  2. WestTurtle

    linking to chat

    with new party bar update u can't link pokemon in chat anymore
  3. WestTurtle

    Goodbye ma boys

    I saw him online today...
  4. WestTurtle

    [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    1st android rare? omg after 120k+ encounters finally got one
  5. WestTurtle

    A and B buttons in wrong order

    Toggle run helps even more
  6. WestTurtle

    Error Fatal out of memmory

    worked for me as well
  7. WestTurtle

    Error Fatal out of memmory

    Got the same problem also on galaxy A5 2017
  8. WestTurtle

    Need approval for a possible Kanto team

    Thick fat Lax with EQ?
  9. WestTurtle

    Elite 4 totally broken

    I'm just curious cause u didn't say that. Do you think that having harder storyline than what we had before is bad?
  10. WestTurtle

    Elite 4 totally broken

    Making 1x31 starmie with nature is like 30k cost which is trully small. The point is not to aim in people who want to start pvp right after storyline but to keep those who don't think about it and never had expirience in it. If someone aims in pvp from the very beggining e4 shouldn't be a problem.
  11. WestTurtle

    Elite 4 totally broken

    It requires breeding using gtl and work on team that can counter all e4 opponents. Thats pretty much what pvp is about. You keep bringing out steroids and potions and i'm gonna say this one more time. If u decide to go this way thats simply your own problem. Edit. Imo making few high level pokes is way more pointless than few good with lower level.
  12. WestTurtle

    Elite 4 totally broken

    But thats MMO. If u want healing items there are many better choices than potions.
  13. WestTurtle

    Elite 4 totally broken

    Leveling pokemon to 65 is way easier to do than preparing team at level 56 and you can do it basicly brainless. As i said before it's a tutorial part. E4 is sort of exam if u're ready for further content like pvp or trading. If u decide to spend time on preparing your team u will have great chance to practice before pvp. If u decide to co with huge amount of potions and revives thats just your problem. In this case you are loosing money on pointless things but thats your choice.
  14. WestTurtle

    Elite 4 totally broken

    But u don't have to use so many potions and revives. If u are well prepared it's easy without them. People are used to do e4 in 10min straight after 8th gym and thats just pointless.
  15. WestTurtle

    Elite 4 totally broken

    Cause e4 is basicly end of the storyline. Why do u expect it to be easy? Staff want player to stay in game after finishing it. If they will set goals harder to achive as a part of story which is considered as tutorial people will not feel this huge difference when they enter competive area.

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