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  1. either way this caused alot of meltdown on forum good times
  2. pretty sure it was just regular desu
  3. "limited" Desu Labcoat in mystery boxes
  4. Thank you to everyone for participating in our team event 1st Place Prize 7,520,000 ++ 40 Premier Balls OHJI - 145 - 2nd Place Prize 6,140,000 + Toy Plane + 30 Premier Balls DarkSign - 135 - (07:27:03) 3rd Place Prize 3,760,000 + Turkey Tail + 20 Premier Balls NeoJuaske - 135 - (07:52:53) 4th Place Prize 2,380,000 + 5 Yellow Fireworks + 9 Premier Balls Zakkosaurus - 45 -
  5. Turtle's Splashing Squirtle's Catching Event (This event is for in-game Team Mr Members only) Date Saturday June 26th Time 1pm EST/12pm CST/5pm GMT/7pm CEST Location Seafoam Islands Duration 1 Hour for Catching an additional 10 minutes to submit Scoring Total Sum of IVs + Nature Bonus = Total Score Pokemon accepted as valid entries Squirtle only Nature Bonus Modest +7 Rash +5 Bashful +3 Rules To win 1st-3rd the Pokemon will be sorted by high to low, you need to submit an entry that scores the highest To win 4th place the Pokemon will be sorted by low to high, you need to submit an entry that scores the lowest If anyone finds any shiny during the catching event they will receive 1m from awkways. Note, this is independent from the prize pool. If team [Mr] is not your main account's team you must donation at least $1,000,000 to eligible for the prize pool winnings You can only submit one entry All Pokemon must be caught within the event time at the event location All pokemon must remain unchanged (Untrained/Unevolved) You must be the OT of the pokemon You can link your entries to me, Turtle, via whisper Host: Turtle Prizes Note- Prizes are subject to changes as the prize pool increases (Donations can be sent to awkways Via in game mail) First Place 7,520,000 + Shiny Sewaddle + 40 Premier Balls 2nd Place 6,140,000 + Toy Plane + 30 Premier Balls 3rd Place 3,760,000 + Turkey Tail + 20 Premier Balls 4th Place 2,380,000 + 5 Yellow Fireworks + 9 Premier Balls Donations: Turtle: 3,000,000 + Toy Plane redhoooood: 1,000,000 Paul: 1,000,000 SirDusty: 1,500,000 Pibb: 1,000,000 awkways: 2,000,000 KiryuMoeka: 1,000,000 Mayushii: 1,000,000 FourFacedLiar: 1,000,000 BrunoMarin: Shiny Sewaddle + 5x Yellow Fireworks OHJI: 2,000,000 HiSunset: Turkey Tail MrNewKidz: 2,000,000 magnetobro: 300,000 + 99 Premier Balls NuzNuzNuz: 1,000,000 Zakkosaurus: 1,000,000 DarkSign: 1,000,000 Total Donations: 19,800,005 5x Yellow Fireworks + Turkey Tail + Toy Plane + 99 Premier Balls Shiny Sewaddle
  6. This dude took around 100k, but hey another turtle in my family
  7. Didnt keep count on this one. I've started breeding on 5k encounters and id say i was around 10k in total when hatched it. Insanely fast, prob the fastest shiny i've found. Also i was using both charm and donator.
  8. After 6 years of hunting. I did it. 4.20 turtle is here.
  9. Is that: "go away, my idea is perfect"? Anyways saying that there is no point in improving gtl cause people don't know how to use it sounds like a joke to me. Thats literally a reason to improve it. To make it more player friendly, clear and efficient. Are you trying to tell me that everyone would understand your mail system?
  10. WTB Ditto 1x31 spatk -->check GTL's advanced search for ditto 31 spatk Same thing goes to selling stuff so imo there was no problem at first. Also as i said before trade chat is going to be slowly replaced by gtl (im pretty sure staff said that more than once) so why don't we focus on gtl improvement?
  11. No i'm saying that the way he described problem and the fix he proposed is pointless cause it exactly the same thing as a gtl. Thats why i started asking how is it different from gtl? In game translator is completely different topic and yes imo there should be something to reduce language barrier.
  12. GTL was improvement for trade chat by itself. Staff already said that they want to focus on gtl and slowly get rid of trade chat. Yes there are many great suggestion how mail can be improved but to be honest your is focused on problem that doesn't exist. If you choose to use trade chat instead of gtl u have to be aware of language barrier.
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