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  1. This dude took around 100k, but hey another turtle in my family
  2. Didnt keep count on this one. I've started breeding on 5k encounters and id say i was around 10k in total when hatched it. Insanely fast, prob the fastest shiny i've found. Also i was using both charm and donator.
  3. After 6 years of hunting. I did it. 4.20 turtle is here.
  4. Is that: "go away, my idea is perfect"? Anyways saying that there is no point in improving gtl cause people don't know how to use it sounds like a joke to me. Thats literally a reason to improve it. To make it more player friendly, clear and efficient. Are you trying to tell me that everyone would understand your mail system?
  5. WTB Ditto 1x31 spatk -->check GTL's advanced search for ditto 31 spatk Same thing goes to selling stuff so imo there was no problem at first. Also as i said before trade chat is going to be slowly replaced by gtl (im pretty sure staff said that more than once) so why don't we focus on gtl improvement?
  6. No i'm saying that the way he described problem and the fix he proposed is pointless cause it exactly the same thing as a gtl. Thats why i started asking how is it different from gtl? In game translator is completely different topic and yes imo there should be something to reduce language barrier.
  7. GTL was improvement for trade chat by itself. Staff already said that they want to focus on gtl and slowly get rid of trade chat. Yes there are many great suggestion how mail can be improved but to be honest your is focused on problem that doesn't exist. If you choose to use trade chat instead of gtl u have to be aware of language barrier.
  8. If you want to sell something to teamate u can simply send him an item and he will send you a money (if he is someone u can't trust then why are u so focused on selling item to that person when you can simply put it on gtl without any kind of risk?).
  9. thats their own choice your idea is basicly adding thing that is already implemented
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