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  1.   Ty peach & Diano :P
  2. I think charmander is the hardest one to go for but it's cool so yeah what's not to love about dragons i mean flying types o.o
  3. Well hi i'm the same person as that kid well i started playing this game again so hope you welcome me. So long so short.
  4. Text:  Blank by that i mean the word "Blank" Character/Pokemon/Whatever: Sora from no game no life Background: Cherry Blossom :3 Oh and sorry for coming so suddenly but i'm officially back well like anyone care about me lol.
  5. You should care his a staff A_A And what starter did you pick?
  6. If ninetales was that i would play this game again literally just to use that thing xD
  7. CyrusZathen


    If we all didn't like pokemon why on earth we play this game? it's a common sense literally i just don't really get it why people asking these questions we're playing pokemon games if we hated pokemon why would we play it? well i know some have their own reason.
  8. Is that like a heart-attack version of moemon A_A? Edit: @Moetal Yup i wanted to see the world burn  [spoiler][/spoiler]
  9. That's wonderful SIG n-n don't want to quote cause it's abit long xD
  10. Nope i didn't i just didn't cared about the names and download it and applied it to my rom and let's be honest it's adorable so i kept using it.
  11. Hassan quit the team btw.

  12. Dafuq wrong with you?

    1. Kyosuke


      It's my own problem. It's personal, sorry.

  13. Remember you in early pages vanity item suggestion. Welcome back oh yeah btw cowboy hats are here o/
  14. She would love a ludicolo.   A Mexico freak or a bald beldore i wonder who's ploegy gonna choose Edit: Thought this place was dead.
  15. She's not even officially back don't be excited v.v well if she's really back it's a good thing if not it's her own way of choosing.
  16. I want this  :c it look kawaii/sassy    Edit: Legendary bird trio Only mewtwo exist in pokemmo o/
  17.     By seeing these go for any font xD
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