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  1.   Ty peach & Diano :P
  2. I think charmander is the hardest one to go for but it's cool so yeah what's not to love about dragons i mean flying types o.o
  3. Well hi i'm the same person as that kid well i started playing this game again so hope you welcome me. So long so short.
  4. Text:  Blank by that i mean the word "Blank" Character/Pokemon/Whatever: Sora from no game no life Background: Cherry Blossom :3 Oh and sorry for coming so suddenly but i'm officially back well like anyone care about me lol.
  5. You should care his a staff A_A And what starter did you pick?
  6. If ninetales was that i would play this game again literally just to use that thing xD
  7. CyrusZathen


    If we all didn't like pokemon why on earth we play this game? it's a common sense literally i just don't really get it why people asking these questions we're playing pokemon games if we hated pokemon why would we play it? well i know some have their own reason.
  8. Is that like a heart-attack version of moemon A_A? Edit: @Moetal Yup i wanted to see the world burn  [spoiler][/spoiler]
  9. That's wonderful SIG n-n don't want to quote cause it's abit long xD
  10. Nope i didn't i just didn't cared about the names and download it and applied it to my rom and let's be honest it's adorable so i kept using it.
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