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  1. iLawo

    Quick Wishlist

    - Add a Hiddenability Pill which cost like 50.000$ so nobody needs to breed new Competetive Pokemon's - Add a weekly Legendary-Pokemon Bonus now after we got Sinnoh. You know where Darkrai is spotted? -> New Moon Island, which isn't currently vailable obviously, could be used for it. You can meet there each week one Legendary Pokemon which you can kill (Later maybe catch?) and gain some PokeDollar / Rare Items / Costumes and more which binds player to your Game and come back every Week even if they're Veterans with like 10k Hours playtime. - Your own created PVP-Maps where players can meet now and fight each other instead the boring Matchmaking Que.
  2. Hello BoltBlades12! Would like to train a few of my Comps from 50-100? :) I saw you got a 20% Discount so I hope you can write me ingame: iBlankness
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