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  1. They haven't implemented egg notification yet even though it has been suggested before. Each trainer has unique VS seek cool down. You want to get notified ≈25times? I doubt berry one would get implemented.
  2. Not everyone has HG / SS Rom at their disposal. A simple R and S roms of less than 20mb are easier to obtain(legally ofc) than HGSS roms.
  3. Fixed. [spoiler] JK, recent BP earning, GtL and reduced brace reduced grind by a lot. [/spoiler]
  4. 750BP for PP up and 2250 BP for PP Max would be ideal price.
  5. This guide is just perfect for a new pokemon player like me... I guess i can breed a 5x31 poke with 5-6 3x31 pokes for comps... Thanks for the perfect guide!!!
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