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  1. AQA

    Show Choice Scarf

    pls stop killing my electrode with speed chomp lolol
  2. Choice Scarf is unfair if you cant be sure on learning the speed tiers It would be better and more competitive if Scarf is showed when the poki comes into battle
  3. AQA

    idea to fix rotom

    nono the promblem is every form has all the status moves and he invading every tier AHHH
  4. AQA

    idea to fix rotom

    nope the problem are all the status moves he can lern trick wow defog... every tier begins to center around him and hes unpredictable af also rotom wash need soak come on XD
  5. i think we all agree that rotom is the biggest flaw in the meta with its 6 OP forms invading all tiers to fix this we could individualize the forms with a move ONLY one form can learn standard trick wash soak heat will o wisp grass leech seed wind defog frost haze this would open the meta and be more competetive fun
  6. AQA

    Fairy types

    fairy would help the meta making poison and steel useful also scizor would finally go uber and gardy back to OU <3
  7. why not we changed the meta already XD they could add many new moves and ban some of them if they are too broken
  8. dont confuse the simps even more XD
  9. there are many moves that poki should lern but didnt Pls add them to make the poki better we have a diffrent meta anyways here some ideas post more moves you think should be added also many Untiered mons need a buff Salamence: Sky Attack Aerodaktyl: Head Smash - Brave Bird Electrode: Rapid Spin Wailord, Snorlax: Explosion Arcarnine, Zoroark: Work Up Skarmory: Horn Claws Gallade: Sacred Sword Gardevoir: Recover - Barrier - Miracle Eye - Akkupressure - Water Pulse - Thunder just make her OP <333
  10. my particles dont work anymore in PvP battles :O
  11. Could not connect to chat server. Retrying in seconds... someone else having this ? team chat works but no global
  12. in this case not. all you have to do is keep lapras or something till the end and you win against anything that dont 1shot it lol the last poki is mostly a boss mon protected by shields and stuff winning by perish feels cheap lol
  13. too broken at the end of battle i think
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