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  1. in this case not. all you have to do is keep lapras or something till the end and you win against anything that dont 1shot it lol the last poki is mostly a boss mon protected by shields and stuff winning by perish feels cheap lol
  2. too broken at the end of battle i think
  3. if the enemy has 2 poki left and you only 1 he 100% wins by using Perish Song Protect and then switches should be banned lol
  4. Battles are no fun when we cant chat pls allow atleast Normal Chat WTF
  5. finally let this meta start but better ban Archeops hes too strong in triple
  6. AQA

    Mute Bots

    we had a normal conversation and i was muted for 43.200 seconds instandly by a bot this was the second time i got this for no reason a year ago a GM told me to come down cause i chatted too much and everything was ok you know me im not a troll why you use bots nowadays or am i wrong ?
  7. its like a super ability that has effect on all pokemon
  8. Here an idea Trainers can obtain Special abilitys after endgame that make them extremly powerful like: Heavy Rain or Sun when battle starts , Thunder hit ground, Psychic moves are 20% stronger, immunity to status, dragon att ^ ice defense ^ ... That would make epic RPG like battles :)
  9. add whirlpool to the poki movesets :)
  10. plus alomomola is the best healer in game and everyone need it in tribles btw tribles when :O
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