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  1. rhydon, escavalier is not safety they have no recovery Honchkrow superpower, brave bird crit γ…‡.γ…‡ Rhyperiro nu -> It's funny decision
  2. Gligar should not UU It will be broken NU BALANCE Honchkrow, Drapion :))))
  3. Polygon-Z to UU Arcanine to UU Mamoswine to OU Machamp to NU Honchkrow to NU Manectric to NU Wobbuffet to UU
  4. All HA should be release. Example) Although Blaziken goes ubers immediately. Because i want to play BOOST BLAZIKEN from ubers. i suggest, BOOST BLAZIKEN IS UBERS, BLAZE BLAZIKEN IS PERHAPS UU?? This is the solution.
  5. 4gen>>>>>>3gen many move, pokemon i don't like 5gen but 4gen?? the best pokemon game
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