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  1. Close please.

    Hi! Would be 450k, plus 35k for that egg move. I can try to do highest def than 27.
  2. Close please.

    Bump. Added new comps. All Lv.29 are full EV trained.
  3. Close please.

    Deal with Eevee. About your order, for now I'm only breeding with 2x31 - 3x27+ IVs. So I could breed your Koffing with Bold Nature, 31/x/31/27+/27+/27+, Eggmove: Wow + P. Split. Price: 460k Please PM me ingame or mail me with your confirm. Thanks!
  4. Close please.

    I got a recently hatched one for sale. Timid Eevee 28/15/28/30/27/30 Hp fire = 600k Also got Modest Espeon 28/x/28/30/25/30 Hp Fire Full Ev Trained Lv. 29 = 550k
  5. Close please.

    Hi, 31/x/31/28/27+/28 Hp fire Chikorita 660k Tyrogue i don't breed because is a genderless one. Deal with venu, please pm me in game.
  6. Close please.

    Some comps for sale: Walrein Adamant 29/31/29/x/27/31 Belly Drum Lv.50 AVAILABLE on GTL 399k Dodrio Jolly 30/30/30/x/30/30 Flail Lv. 50 AVAILABLE on GTL 666k Alakazam Hasty 16/31/29/30/30/31 HP Ground Sub Focus Lv. 50 AVAILABLE on GTL 555k Espeon Modest 28/x/28/30/25/30 HP Fire Lv. 29 AVAILABLE on GTL 499k Azumarill Adamant 31/31/31/x/31/31 Superpower/Ice Punch Lv. 50 AVAILABLE on GTL 849k Please mail or pm me in game if you're interested.
  7. Close please.

  8. Genderless breeding service

    Great service, fast and good price. Highly recommended! Thank you!

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