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  1. Was the pay not good enough for you????

  2. Happy Halloween from your favorite Racist and family!
  3. Old enough to piss in your shoes while you are sleeping.
  4. Why was 6 afraid of 7? Because 7 8 9 Daaaaaaaaaamn (im old, give me a break)
  5. Takin the wife and kid sunday @strifexchaos. If you are trying to come let me know.
  6. What are you drinking tonight? Got that Hoppadillo IPA on deck. Karbach life. Come to ren fest this weekend @strifexchaos Ill smoke you out. its like 40 minutes away from you ole lazy ass ngga
  7. Because Nidokings horn makes a great chair for Bilbo @Bilburt He's gotta get him warmed up before he can sit on his face.
  8. uguu cant even stand with me in Celadon anymore
  9. How did I miss this. I see things havn't changed much >:-)
  10. Edit - posted on wrong page haha What's good tho fellas?
  11. @Hotarubi I will fix it as soon as I get in touch with Startear. <3 You! Peace out RISE
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