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  1. Was the pay not good enough for you????

  2. [RISÉ] The Uprising

    Happy Halloween from your favorite Racist and family!
  3. [RISÉ] The Uprising

    Old enough to piss in your shoes while you are sleeping.
  4. [RISÉ] The Uprising

    Why was 6 afraid of 7? Because 7 8 9 Daaaaaaaaaamn (im old, give me a break)
  5. [RISÉ] The Uprising

    Takin the wife and kid sunday @strifexchaos. If you are trying to come let me know.
  6. [RISÉ] The Uprising

    What are you drinking tonight? Got that Hoppadillo IPA on deck. Karbach life. Come to ren fest this weekend @strifexchaos Ill smoke you out. its like 40 minutes away from you ole lazy ass ngga
  7. [RISÉ] The Uprising

    -Removed out of good taste- >:-)
  8. [RISÉ] The Uprising

    Because Nidokings horn makes a great chair for Bilbo @Bilburt He's gotta get him warmed up before he can sit on his face.
  9. [RISÉ] The Uprising

    uguu cant even stand with me in Celadon anymore
  10. [RISÉ] The Uprising

    How did I miss this. I see things havn't changed much >:-)
  11. [RISÉ] The Uprising

    Edit - posted on wrong page haha What's good tho fellas?
  12. [RISÉ] The Uprising

    @Hotarubi I will fix it as soon as I get in touch with Startear. <3 You! Peace out RISE

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