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    1. AbdOuMarley


      Partyyyy !!!!! WigoWigoWigoWigoWigoWigoWigo yeah WigoWigoWigoWigoWigoWigo yeah

  2. Hey Doc , rendi says 8pm-2am bst friday -sunday

  3. so why did @Moetal breed 10 jolts all females with different sets ?
  4. soo mich hype recently from kyu , does it mean sinnoh coming ?????? HYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYPE
  5. or u can burn milo with a fire move if u switch it to charizard or doom or any physicall attacker with fpunch
  6. i kinda agree with para halving the speed it seems reasonable because a para on a fast poke as jolteon or aerodactyl or even a scarf pokes shuts it down and make slower than most of the pokemons if not almost all , but i kinda disagree with accuray 90% cause if it miss ur poke set is scouted and then u can switch to a proper pokemon to deal with its like we are making para less effective and also giving it less accuracy
  7. Milotic would love that burn decrease damage
  8. i would realy love to rematch GIOVANNI <3 <3 <3
  9. https://gyazo.com/6b3ebca07085a60a5f7ce6b181a2bb11
  10. noobs without thinking , but i wanna know the ones putting shitty pokes ivs for 10m
  11. 5m is the prize for completing the dex i would say its good :D
  12. the worst starter rip u welcome with us x) Hala Charizard
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