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  1. flinch op af will talk to pinklabel tonight on Facebook . Edit : let me fix that , FlinchS
  2. @DoubleJ @OrangeManiac ok sure , i will talk to the players tommorow and send the lineup if we still have the time for that
  3. i will soon @DoubleJ , @Suneet 150k , 300k right ?

    1. AbdOuMarley


      Partyyyy !!!!! WigoWigoWigoWigoWigoWigoWigo yeah WigoWigoWigoWigoWigoWigo yeah

  5. @EricTheGreat sorry to tell u that u owes me another 200k on kecs winning the tie breaker
  6. he didnt rq and he wasnt gona rq , he lost to timer but its true u would be still playing that tourney from january right now
  7. the most cancer match i have ever seen why staff didnt kick both of them ?
  8. starmie used rapid spin when there was no spikes in field xD
  9. Hey Doc , rendi says 8pm-2am bst friday -sunday

  10. that shadow ball looks like coming from a cat's mouth xD
  11. i take those 3 , would like to to take vale team bet if ur up for two takers ^^
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