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  1. that shadow ball looks like coming from a cat's mouth xD
  2. i take those 3 , would like to to take vale team bet if ur up for two takers ^^
  3. hit me up in the game when ur online IGN : AbdOu
  4. nah , just release a player that played for ur team and won and u get the titile ^^ sorry eric but i realy didnt like it
  5. my Bets : @Lazaro23 owes me 50k @Suneet owes me 100k IGN : AbdOu
  6. where are those algerians !! we gotta bring those flags bois step up !!!
  7. xD closest to my country is xilias ( morocco ) we share borders, im in north africa im even closer to France or spain ( 1 hour 20 min flight ) than South africa which is 6 hours i think
  8. didnt know laz is from morocco i thought he is canadian xD and orange , can u pls explain to us how team based will work if it may happen ? what if many teams from same country or only 1 player from that country
  9. what about daryl ? :((
  10. we still can have north africa and South africa division xD
  11. i take that and i belieeeeeeeb
  12. i take them
  13. @Kizhaz oh my bad i thought u took mine and not jovi's bets , sorry
  14. no worries , just a reminder its a 200k now xD gunth won vs bootoom