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  1. Basically I'm just trying to farm for skull fossils for that little cutie shiny cranidos. The grand total of fossils I have at the moment is only 30 but that will change overtime :3. I wanted to make this to record my journey through this painful process x3 and also just to share my personal favorite fossil farming spots in the sinnoh region. If anyone else knows of any different spots feel free to share them :3. Ravaged Path (For some reason I tend to find alot of hard stones in here not sure if it just RNG or because its all geodudes. But in an hour I can average around 4-6 fossils. The everstones you can get are also a plus :3) I think there's like 14 or so rocks to smash here. RT. 211 (There's not as many rocks at this location but it just a quick bike ride to the right to reset the rocks. Sometimes it takes a few resets to see rocks. If they dont show up just simply walk into a house or PC but it rarely happens to me. This place has more graveler and the occasional nosepass that hold float stones. Here I tend to get more everstones than hardstones. But again don't know if that's RNG or because there's more graveler here.) Max 7 rocks total
  2. Thankyou x3 it's proably the only good name I've ever come up with though sadly.
  3. I defenitly wish the rewards were a little better. As of now you can get some semi useful items but nothing that would keep people comeing back. Most times I'll get berries which is nice since I make alot of pokeblocks and everything else I just kind of sell for a profit lol. But your idea is interesting @Bubaili it might not work in this game though. Because I feel like people would just spam contest to take a 0×6 IV mon and boost them up to 6×31. Which 31 contest would be way easier and cheaper than breeding. Though you did say in your example if it had a 30 IV. So where you thinking of maybe you could only add to your IV if its at 30?
  4. Yeah I remember when I first took interest in contest. It can seem overwhelming at first but I promise it's easy once you get the feel of the flow of a contest. As far as movesets go usually your going to want to taylor your move set to whatever contest category your in. What I did when I was first learning was pick my favorite category and it was all trial and error from there. The neat thing about contest is each pokemon has a pretty diverse move pool that you can pick from for each contest category. So the most inportant thing is you want to find a strategy that works well with how you play contest. Also pokeblocks are going to be your best friend there absolutely essential if you want to earn all your master Ribbons. But if you have any other questions feel free to ask you can also add me in game and we can do some contest together if you would like so you can get a better feel for them and aren't just thrown into the water :3. @dSTnE
  5. Well after about a month I've finally managed to get all the contest ribbons on one of my pokemon. I was kind of curious though. Are there any other contest players around? Here's a little back story on me and this screenshot. So I'm a contest fanatic it's always been one of my favorite features in pokemon and one that I feel like doesn't get enough love at the end of the day. I spend a good majority of my playtime on the mmo perfecting my contest skills and trying out crazy contest movesets. Anyway I was just really proud of this moment and it's made me consider maybe making an in-depth contest guide just because of the love I have for the feature. Also quick shout out to my peeps that I dragged into contest with me. You guys know who you are and much love for helping me stay sane through the gruelling climb to all master ribbons on one mon.
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